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Wake Up!

Wake Up!

To continue our previous blog discussion, "Get Your Health Back," we need to address the toxicity of the world we live in and the detoxification of our bodies.

Why? Because it's a universal need. Everyone needs to detox!

Our Toxic World

The world today, in spite of its breathtaking natural beauty, has become toxic creating an environment conducive to disease. The increase we're seeing in cancer rates and many other chronic health challenges is alarming. In fact, a shocking 46% of our children are already diagnosed with chronic illness!

As our good friend Dr. Zach Bush explains in his recent interview on the Rich Roll podcast, there is a profound link between environmental degradation and degenerative illness. The air we breathe, our food and water supply, medications, E-smog, and stress, have a cumulative effect impacting our lives and filling our bodies with damaging toxins. Our livers and kidneys, which are our primary detoxifying organs, are overburdened with daily toxins and can only handle so much. As time passes on, we become more toxic, more vulnerable to disease, and less able to fully recover from illness.

In addition to the examples given above, there has been a 70% nutrient loss from our produce since 1935. Our soil has been over-farmed, largely due to the abandonment of the ancient practice of crop rotation, and contaminated with poisonous pesticides like glyphosate. This environmental abuse leads to ground mineral depletion affecting the quality of crops grown in the soil. The fruits and vegetables your grandmother harvested and consumed years ago are not the same as the fruits and vegetables you're eating today.



A Grass Roots Approach

Sometimes, it can feel as though there is no solution in sight. After all, this is a global crisis, and each of us is a lone individual. However, even personal efforts can be the first step towards changing our world.

So, what can we do? Quite a lot, actually. Here are a few practical suggestions:

    • Grow some or all of your own food: anyone can plant a vertical garden
    • Purify your water: a filtered water pitcher can eliminate a host of toxic chemicals.
    • Reduce electrosmog: unplug electrical devices when possible, especially at night.
    • Commit to a detox protocol: infrared therapy can play a major role here.

Let’s support organizations working to solve one or more of the grave issues threatening health, both global and personal. Some of these are:

Nothing will change without taking that first step! Just as we have to take charge of our own health by becoming our own advocates, we need to detoxify ourselves and the world in which we live. So, let's wake up and get busy detoxing!



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  • Melody Besner
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