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Happy 2019 January is "Get Your Health Back" Month!

Happy 2019 January is

Now, that's a great New Year's resolution! But, it needs to be made more specific to make it truly attainable.

We mentioned four areas of attention in our last newsletter: nutrition, detoxification, sunlight, and movement.

Now, let's dial in more closely on the importance of sunlight.

The Sun

Remember the original Superman myth?

Here's how the commentator of the famous cartoon summed up the Man of Steel:

· "Faster than a speeding bullet!"
· "More powerful than a locomotive!"
· "Able to reach tall buildings in a single bound"

Speed. Power. Flight. But, exactly what gives the mild-mannered Clark Kent this superhuman strength and agility? Answer: the Earth's golden Sun, so different from the red one of his native Krypton.

Imagine a horizontal graph, where the wavelengths increase moving from left to right. Gamma rays, x-rays, and ultraviolet rays are to the left, in that order. Then comes visible light, and to the right are infrared, microwaves, and radio waves.

We All Live By The Sun

Mythology aside, there's a fundamental truth at play here, and it applies to every single man, woman, and child: we live by the sun, and we die without it. The sun isn't just a handy light in the sky that gives us a nice tan in the summer. No, it's our continual source of energy, without which we would, quite simply, cease to be . . .

And, we share this fundamental need with every other living being on the planet to thrive and grow. Just think of the mutually beneficial oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange going on between green plants and mammals. The sun enables photosynthesis in the plants; they release oxygen which we breathe, and we release carbon dioxide which they absorb. Humans absorb the sun’s rays through the skin and eyes, and the sun helps stimulate the metabolism. Without the sun’s light, our bodies cannot properly absorb certain nutrients. Suppressed immune function, fatigue, depression, sleep disorders and other ailments can be linked to a lack of sufficient sun exposure. Alternatively, staying healthy with a strong immune system requires adequate vitamin D, which you get from being in the sun!!!

And, the sun is not that "skin cancer villain" it's so often made out to be, either. Of course it's not good to burn your skin, but, according to Dr. Al Sears, M.D.,
"The Sun Police lump all skin cancers together. But as you have seen, sun exposure plays a very different role in different types skin cancers, and you might be surprised to learn that a suntan is actually protecting you against this disease. Dozens of studies, including one review of more than 50 research papers, show that people whose occupations keep them indoors have a much higher incidence of one of the most feared skin cancers, melanoma. then do those who work outside. For example, office workers have higher rates of malignant melanoma than construction workers, lifeguards or farmers." (Your Best Health Under the Sun, pp. 89-90)

So, of the suns rays are the healing ones?

Full Electromagnetic Spectrum

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

The electromagnetic spectrum includes all the known forms of solar radiation that reach the earth, of which visible light is just a small fraction. As you see, the wavelengths increase moving from left to right. Gamma rays, x-rays, and ultraviolet rays are to the left, then visible light, healing infrared, then microwaves, and radio waves.

Therasage infrared healing devices – saunas, heating pads, belts, wraps, etc. – generate the most healing frequencies from the sun and nature! 

Get Your Sunshine!


Even on a cloudy or overcast day, you've surely felt the surge of warmth and energy that spreads across your face as the sun bursts through the clouds. This good feeling is true at a deep level!!

Especially during these winter months, make a point of getting outside and letting the sun hit your face and hands. Some authorities maintain that as little as 15 minutes of sun exposure are sufficient to enable vitamin D synthesis, make you happier, help you sleep better, and even help you lose weight!! And, if that quarter hour is in the afternoon, then you also get more infrared exposure!

Don't forget to check out our product line, specially designed to bring you vitamin D with the best of infrared into your home!!

Warmest Regards,

The Therasage Team


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