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"Lyme disease is also the cornerstone on why Therasage was created. It is the “why” of our dedication to the products we create and the people we help.


In recognition of Lyme Disease Awareness Month, we reaffirm our commitment to those impacted by Lyme, striving to bring you the best information for understanding and healing. Dive into this interview series, where Therasage’s own Robby Besner engages with leading minds in the fight against Lyme.

You see, Lyme disease walked into our home and set up residence in our daughter Julia’s body. We understand the difficulties that families face as they search for answers, treatments, and a cure for this insidious disease. We went through the same exact thing."
To read Julia's story visit here.


Robby Besner and Dr. Steven Bock discuss:


  • - Dr Steven Bocks’s Career and how he became involved in treating Lyme patients
  • - What has changed in the world of “Lyme” and what hasn’t
  • - Integrative Medicine & Treating a Lyme Patient
  • - Detoxification
  • - Testing for Lyme and co-infections
  • - And more…..


Robby Besner and Dr. Jaban Moore discuss:


  • - Asking “Why?” and getting to the root cause of chronic illness
    - Finding the right steps and what to address first
    - Co-infections, Toxins, and Trauma
    - And More….


Robby Besner and Dr. Marlene Siegel discuss:


  • - The risk factors and transmission of Lyme from ticks
    - Symptoms of Lyme in Cats and Dogs
    - Testing for Lyme
    - Inflammation in animals
    - And More…..


Robby Besner and Dr. Mitch Ghen discuss:


  • - A Deep Dive on IV therapy
    - Dr. Ghen’s go-to for Lyme Disease
    - Herxing Help
    - You can get better
    And More…..


Robby Besner and Chef Collin Goodine discuss:


  • - Creating a food journal
  • - Learn how to turn your food into your medicine
  • - Important tips on what foods support a strong immune system
  • - Guide you to the best food choices that support vibrant health
    - And More…..


Robby Besner and Jaclyn Willms discuss:


  • - The Value of Movement
  • - Learn simple ways to get your body moving again
  • - Get inspired and motivated to take that first step to recovery
  • - Unpack the true mind-body journey
    - And More…..


Robby Besner and Dr. Michell Perro discuss:


  • - Challenges and Symptoms children face with Lyme disease
    - Listening to your Child
    - Emotional Health of your Child
    - Finding the right doctor to work with
    - And More…..


Robby Besner and Dr. Simone Laubscher discuss:


  • - Learn about who Dr. Simone is
  • - Make Peace with Lyme Supplement and Nutrition - Tips and Tricks
  • - How emotions play a Role in Recovery
  • - And More…..


Robby Besner and Wendy Myers discuss:


  • - Heavy metals and their impact on our gut health and microbiome
    - Reducing toxic load to restore balance
    - Mobilize toxins and using binders
    - Implementing Energy Medicine
    And More…..

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