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TherAid Infrared Bandages from Therasage

TherAid™ Infrared Compression Wrap 

Therasage, a pioneer in infrared healing products, introduces its latest application in healing and pain relief!!  TherAid™ Infrared Wrap.  

TherAid™ Healing Wrap is the latest in compression wear. Enhanced with Passive Infrared Therafusion™ Technology,the fabric is infused with a special bio-ceramic formula thatemits natural far infrared energy to increase circulation and promote healing while gently supporting the injured area. Therasage impregnated fibers emits and reflects natural infrared rays deep into the muscles, tendons and ligaments to help increase circulation and promote natural healing.  One size fits most and the comfortable “2D” expandable materials makes it easy to put on and wear at work, when you play.  TherAidelastic bandage uses our comfortable, lightweight,antibacterial material that is made of woven polypropylene with micro-particles of lead-free bio-ceramics and a VELCRO® strap for fastening.  The benefits of passive Infrared Heat Therapy improves blood circulation , reduces pain and swelling, and relieves tension and stress.

The latest advancement in Compression ware

TherAid Infrared Bandages from Therasage

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