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With all of the current debate of health care reform, it is our vision that each of us takes our health needs into our own hands through the use of a positive, natural, healthful regimen. Using Far Infrared heat in applications of everyday use (such as furniture, clothing, beds and bedding, and saunas), each of us can make a positive statement toward better health.

Our first step with this Vision was the dream of a patented heating pad. It is through this simple, household device that we hoped to begin the process of bringing basic applications of Far Infrared heat into the home and office. It not only addresses the therapy of Far Infrared heat, it does so with a signature interface of natural jade stones. The use of natural jade enhances the even transmission of deep penetrating heat and promotes the negative ion environment that we wanted to exist with each pad. This heating pad, and its brother and sister models in small, medium, large, miniature, is intended to provide topical heating to the user indicated for (a) the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness, (b) the temporary relief of joint pain associated with arthritis, muscle spasms, minor strains, and sprains, and minor muscular back pain, (c) muscular relaxation, and (d) the temporary increase of local circulation where applied. At the same time, it introduces the positive forces of infrared heat, negative ions, and natural health to one’s body.

From our heating pad, we moved on to heating belts which focus on a particular area of one’s back, or neck, and are battery powered to allow for a complete ease of maneuverability at work or at home. And to augment our initial Vision, we at Therasage have developed a range of office and home furniture, patent pending, again bringing the benefits of Far Infrared heat therapy to everyday living. It is our hope that no office will ever suggest that someone sit at a desk for eight to ten hours a day, without some health benefit, and no one should ever lounge in their home recliner for some reading or television without also receiving Far Infrared heat.

Our Vision of a holistic, healthy regimen of living expands beyond our furniture and surroundings. Since our founding, we have sought to be the premier portal for products enhanced with Far Infrared Heat and Negative Ion technologies. With that goal, we recognize that we must stand by each of our products. And we do. Each is manufactured with quality, quality specifications and supervision. Each are designed for years of use, and each are supported by warranties that meet or exceed the industry’s standard.

The Therasage Spirit

Therasage is more than its entrepreneurial beginnings and its cutting-edge technology. It is more than an experience or a desired vision. It is also an embodiment of a spirit, an American spirit of corporate responsibility. We take this responsibility seriously and passionately. We approach business holistically, a reflection of the experience and products we sell.
At Therasage, we recognize that success lies in both the means and the ends. We appreciate the close connection between financial success and the impact we have on our customers, our distributors, our employees, on our community and on our nation. Consequently, our Customer Care Department is focused on insuring satisfaction with our products; our Sales Team is dedicated to promoting our experiences to distributors and the marketplace; and our Management Team is diligent in creating a better workplace for our employees. Our entire team desires to make a positive impact on society through our corporate commitment to our integrity, community, and our environment.


We see ourselves as an embodiment of fair business, ethical behavior and principles, reflecting the integrity and ethics of each of our corporate team.
We insist that our employees follow a code of conduct that is fundamentally one of honest dealing. We seek vendors that share our values and suppliers with a similar spirit.
The culture of integrity and the standards we seek to maintain genuinely guide us. Through our ethical corporate personality, we demonstrate a commitment to integrity as well as an actual practice of doing business ethically. This type of practice is not only the law; it is right and proper and in the best interests of Therasage, our stakeholders, and our customers.
To assist in this regard, we have established enforced codes of ethical conduct, conflicts of interest, and privacy. But more than the written standards, we engender an expectation of honesty, transparency, propriety, and fairness – in our sourcing of materials and manufacturing, our marketing, and our distribution.


Our community is more than just the individual villages raising our children. Our products are more than just home health care staples or interesting office furniture. As explained earlier, our Therasage Experience supports the vision of a holistic, beneficial regimen of living, bringing therapeutic warmth to the body and healthy living to each of us.

Through that vision, we hire a staff that reflects the face of our customers. Just as our customers and distributors are diverse, so are our employees. We work hard to insure that our workplace is one of inclusion and acceptance. Beyond race, religion, and gender, we seek to develop a diversity of background, thought, and experience. We do so not only in our hiring but also in who we extend the privilege to source our products and our support services.

Therasage is committed to the communities in which we live and the technologies we sell. We support charities and charitable projects that serve to make a difference. Whether it is a research group investigating new opportunities for Far Infrared heat in treating Lyme disease, or a nonprofit group of medical researchers understanding the effect of Far Infrared heat on cancer cells, Therasage believes that scientific and medical research into the holistic use of the sun’s energy is important in meeting Albert Einstein’s admonition that ‘the important thing is not to stop questioning.”

Therasage maintains that without the freedoms of commerce and opportunity found only in the United States, its business would not exist. Without receiving corporate welfare or other governmental incentives, this minority owned business has taken the technology of Far Infrared heat, transformed it into a series of practical application products, and has grown. We are proud to be an American Company.


Environmental excellence is claimed by many companies today. Through a desire to be “green,” many proclaim an awareness of environmental products, recycling, and the like. We, at Therasage, do not claim to be green; we are. We source our products with the welfare of our environment as an important consideration. Recycling is a condition of consideration for all associated materials such as boxes, literature, and shipping materials. We actively promote a return and recycle program for each of our products. We support energy efficiency and renewable energy in all of our products.

For our products that use electrical current, we work with our consultants to manufacture the most energy efficient devices. For those products with battery power, we seek the most environmentally friendly rechargeable lithium ion batteries available. As a steward of our environment and our planet, Therasage recognizes the fundamental importance of both and places environmental concerns equally with our commitment to our integrity and to our community.

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For any type of corporate information or any inquiries that are not Customer Care-related, please contact:

Therasage Infrared Products
8130 Glades Road #321
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