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The "Stack Your Hack" approach that Robby Besner teaches acknowledges the interconnectedness of our body's systems and our health behaviours, taking advantage of synergy for maximum impact.

Why is stacking beneficial?

Synergy: Some treatments can enhance the effects of others. For example, pairing infrared sauna and redlight therapy with a nutrient-dense diet and op imal hydration can amplify weight loss and overall fitness more each either alone.

Comprehensiveness: Health is multifaceted, with physical, mental, and emotional aspects. Stacking allows you to address health from different angles simultaneously. Meditation might help reduce stress, but when stacked with good sleep hygiene and the TheraComfort Weighted Blanket and Weighted Eye Pillow, it can improve your overall mental wellbeing significantly.

Personalization: We all have unique bodies and lifestyles, meaning what works for one person might not work for another. Stacking allows you to personalize your approach, combining hacks that fit your specific needs and circumstances.

Efficiency: Stacking can also save time. We all need to utilize our time for maximum results in the busy world we are all living in.

Resilience: Health is not static, and challenges can arise. Stacking your hacks equips you with a more robust set of tools to handle health obstacles.

The Ultimate Thera360 Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Stack for Optimal Detox and Wellness

Detox and Support your body with The Ultimate Thera360 Plus Sauna stack.

- Thera360 Plus Infrared Sauna
- TheraBrush Deluxe Vegan Dry Brush
- TheraO3 Ozone Module
- TheraH2O Water Pitcher
- Buoy Hydration Drops
- EquiLife Universale Binder or CellCore BioToxin Binder
- TherAroma Pure Essential Oil Nebulizer
- TheraEssentials Organic Oil Blends
- TheraFlex Reflexology Roller

TheraPro Stack for Healing, Relaxation, and Wellness

The perfect stack to help manage stress, relax, and practice self-care to promote overall wellness and wellbeing.

- TheraPro - PEMF + Infrared + Red Light Therapy + Tens
- TheraO3 Ozone Module
- TheraH2O Water Pitcher
- TherAroma Pure Essential Oil Nebulizer
- TheraEssentials Organic Oil Blends
- Weighted Eye Pillow

Tri-Lite Stack for Liver and Kidney's Detox Support

When applied to the lower back, right over the kidneys, or above the liver, the Tri-Lite increases blood flow, supercharging the effects of KL and Tudca for these organs.

- Thera Tri_Lite
- Cellcore Advanced Tudca
- Cellcore KL Support

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