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Thera Tri-Lite Red Light Therapy

Therasage Prides itself on being the "World's Leader" on developing cutting edge Infrared devices and health science applications to achieve optimal health outcomes.

Thera Tri-Lite is a Therasage exclusive Polychromatic Light Emitting Diode (LED) that succinctly generates important light frequencies, in the red light and near infrared frequency range, in a light weight, comfortable to use fomat,  soft and flexiable and perfect for use directly on your body. TheraTri-Lite offers numerous benefits; including collagen production, wrinkle reduction, brain health, and enhanced energy, Mitochondrial function, cell health and energy, improved microcirculation and blood oxygenation, activating the natural production of Nitric Oxide, and cellular detoxification, and anti-aging benefits!

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Thera Tri-Lite Red Light Therapy

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