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  Dr. Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO


Dr. Nasha Winters is a global healthcare authority and best-selling author in integrative cancer care and research consulting with physicians around the world. She has educated hundreds of professionals in the clinical use of mistletoe and has created robust educational programs for both healthcare institutions and the public on incorporating vetted integrative therapies in cancer care to enhance outcomes. Dr. Winters is currently focused on opening a comprehensive metabolic oncology hospital and research institute in the US where the best that standard of care has to offer and the most advanced integrative therapies will be offered. This facility will be in a residential setting on a gorgeous campus against a backdrop of regenerative farming, EMF mitigation and retreat, as well as state of the art medical technology and data collection and evaluation to improve patient outcomes.

  Dr. Stephen Cabral


After more than 20 years in the natural health field, worldwide internships, dozens of certifications, and a doctoral degree in Naturopathy, Dr. Cabral’s knowledge, experience, and compassion are at the top of his field.

His internships included actually studying, working, and living in clinics in India, Sri Lanka, China, Europe, and various practices in the US. This intimate setting allowed Dr. Cabral to talk in depth with the patients at these clinics and listen to their struggles and path to wellness. He also got to see firsthand the remarkable recoveries these people were making.

Dr. Cabral is the host of his top rated podcast, “The Cabral Concept” with over 30 million downloads. Dr. Cabral has also appeared in every type of media outlet as a national health & wellness consultant, as well as a contributor to MTV, Men’s Health, Women’s Day, Maxim, SELF,, NutritionData, Conde Nast, and many others. He has also authored and co-authored 4 books including his #1 International Best Selling book, the “Rain Barrel Effect”, and has published over 1,100 articles.

Dr. Cabral is the Founder & CEO of Equi.Life, launched in 2018. Equi.Life is a health & wellness company that offers At-Home Lab Testing, Health Coaching with an IHP Certified Health Coach and sells over 125+ Supplements & Protocols.

In addition, Dr. Cabral is the Founder & CEO of the Integrative Health Practitioner Institute. Thousands of health coaches and practitioners globally have been certified as Integrative Health Practitioners.

Dr Lee Cowden - Therasage Infrared - Ambassador

  Dr. Lee Cowden


Dr. William Lee Cowden MD is a USA board-certified cardiologist, clinical nutritionist and internist, skilled in kinesiology and homeopathy who received his MD from the University of Texas Medical School.   Dr. Cowden has over twenty years of experience in treating cardiac disease, cancer and other chronic diseases, primarily with alternative/integrative medicine.

Dr. Cowden is accomplished in applied kinesiology, electrodermal screening, homeopathy, reflexology, acupuncture, acupressure, biofeedback, as well as color, sound, neural, magnetic, electromagnetic, and detoxification therapies.

In March 2012, Dr. William Lee Cowden MD received the prestigious ACIM Humanitarian Award for his continually meeting people at their point of need and giving them hope. At one stretch of his illustrious career, virtually every new client had been given a death sentence by the established medical community. Through his quiet assurance and belief in the potential for the body to heal, the vast majority of these clients survived.

Dr Jay Davidson - Therasage Infrared - Ambassador - cellcore

  Dr. Jay Davidson


Dr. Jay Davidson D.C., PSc.D. completed his undergraduate studies at University Wisconsin La Crosse Majoring in Biology with biomedical concentration and chemistry minor. He received his doctorate of chiropractic degree at Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Minnesota.

Dr. Jay Davidson focuses on functional, natural medicine. He is a husband and a father. He is also a prominent speaker and a two-time #1 international best-selling author. Dr. Jay has been a speaker on a wide range of summits and docuseries, along with hosting seven of his own.

Dr. Jay Davidson is admired for his ability to bridge the gap between the scientific health community and the layperson. Dr. Jay Davidson is an ambitious researcher and clinician in the health world. His At-Home program is his private community that walks you through his exact protocols that changed his wife’s life from a near-death experience with Lyme disease. He is also the co-founder of Microbe Formulas and CellCore.

  Dr. Sean Drake


Dr. Sean Drake, DC received his bachelor’s degree at Florida State University where he was a walk-on to the Track & Field team. He received his Masters in Sports Health Science with an emphasis in Sports Injury Management as well as his Doctorate in Chiropractic from Life University in Atlanta.

Dr. Drake has extensive experience in treating active individuals as well as professional athletes including athletes from the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, Nitro Circus, UCI BMX, XGames, USA Adaptive Surfing, ATP, WTA, AVP, AVP First, FIVB, CrossFit, PGA, LPGA, and Korn Ferry Tour.  

  • Team Doctor to multiple professional teams.

  • Consults for professional and amateur teams and athletes.

  • Professor and Faculty Member at Multiple Universities.

  • Advisory Board Member for multiple brands and education platforms in sports medicine.

Dr. Drake’s hobbies include education, golf, tennis, surfing, cycling, swimming, skydiving, sailing, and running.

  Jennifer Cohen


Jennifer Cohen is an entrepreneur, podcaster educator and bestselling author. Her latest book, Bigger Better Bolder hit #1 in business on Amazon and the Wall Street Journal Bestselling list. She’s been a long-time authority in health and wellness where she has co-founded numerous companies, including No Gym Required and Hot 5, which was acquired by Weight Watchers.

Jennifer has well established expertise and experience in branding and non-traditional marketing , working as a spokesperson and advisor to companies like Celsius, Tonal , Hyperice, BLK Water, Tru Niagen, Nike, Therasage and Proctor & Gamble.

Her podcast “Habits and Hustle” is regularly ranked in the top 10 business podcasts in the world and is widely regarded for helping thousands of people with their wellness and productivity. Some past guests include, Mark Cuban, Simon Sinek, Mathew McConaughy, Chelsea Handler, Lindsey Vonn and Tony Robbins and many more

Jennifer is also an in-demand motivational speaker for a range of companies as well as business schools, and her viral TED talk has garnered more than 7 million views on YouTube. Jennifer lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their two little superstars, Dylan and Sydney.


Zach Bush MD - Therasage Infrared - Ambassador - ionbiome - farmers footprint - virome

  Dr. Zach Bush


Zach Bush MD is a physician specializing in internal medicine, endocrinology and hospice care. He is an internationally recognized educator and thought leader on the microbiome as it relates to health, disease, and food systems. Dr Zach founded *Seraphic Group and the nonprofit Farmer’s Footprint to develop root-cause solutions for human and ecological health. His passion for education reaches across many disciplines, including topics such as the role of soil and water ecosystems in human genomics, immunity, and gut/brain health. His education has highlighted the need for a radical departure from chemical farming and pharmacy, and his ongoing efforts are providing a path for consumers, farmers, and mega-industries to work together for a healthy future for people and the planet.

Zach Bush is the founder of The Farmers Footprint which encourages sustainable and eco-friendly farming for all. He is a pioneer in gut health and restoring your microbiome with his unique formulation IonBiome.

Darin Olien - Therasage - Ambassador - Super Life - 121 Tribe

  Darin Olien


Darin Olien is co-host with Zac Efron of the widely popular Netflix docu-series called “Down To Earth.”

He is a highly recognized exotic-superfood hunter and supplement-formulator.

He worked with fitness-company Beachbody to create one of the top superfood shakes in the USA, a whole-food supplement called “Shakeology,” as well as the plant based “Ultimate Reset 21-day” detoxification program. Darin is one of the founders of Barukas™, a new super nut from the Savannah “Cerrado” of Brazil.

Through sustainable business practices the company is committed to supporting this important biome by planting 20 million Baruzeita trees ( In early 2020, Darin launched a health App called, created to help people learn about whole food plant based eating, recipes, easy to follow education, habit tracking and exercise

Supermodel Elle MacPherson - Therasage - Ambassador

  Elle Macpherson


Elle Macpherson -- Making a name for herself as ‘The Body’ at a time when print magazines were pop culture bibles, the Sony Walkman was life and women wore power suits with oversized shoulder pads while fighting to stand out in a man’s world, the supermodel needs no introduction. So influential is she that only one name is required.

Fast-forward four decades and the model-turned-business founder is as powerful as ever. She now lives in the US and leads one of the world's most successful ecommerce wellness companies, WelleCo. But her continued career success is no accident. Following her self-made father’s footsteps, Elle identified lucrative licensing opportunities very early in her career. She first dipped her toes into the business world when she trademarked her name in 1994 founding Elle Macpherson Inc, which she used as a venture into other enterprises. It saw her become an “accidental” entrepreneur.

Dr. Simone Laubscher

  Dr. Simone Laubscher


Dr Simoné is a naturopathic nutritionist and has been treating clients for over 20 years, with clinics in both the UK & UAE ( Simoné holds a B.Sc- Nutrition degree, an M.Sc in Naturopathy and Nutrition and a PhD in Nutrition and Oxidative Stress. Simoné is very passionate about setting both adults and children free of debilitating conditions, pain and disease.

Simoné specialises functional naturopathic nutrition to correct functional and nutritional imbalances, targeting obesity, long-term weight loss, metabolic re-setting, eating disorders, diabetes, IBS / gut disorders, depression, stress/adrenal fatigue, hormonal regulation and immune-related illnesses such as cancer. Simoné has created unique protocols that focus on the function of your 11 systems, diet and whole food supplementation from her own organic nutritional line, called Rejuv Nutrition.

'A holistic, scientific, bespoke and naturopathic approach that involves looking beyond symptoms to find the root cause of health issues, is the only way to break the vicious cycle of disease and bring about long-term healing and restoration. The emotional, physiological, lifestyle and genetic factors must be investigated in order to correctly diagnose and treat one's imbalances. By adopting this approach the client gets well and stays well. There is no greater gift than to assist a client into vibrant health and to give them the tools they need to stay there, long term.’ Simoné Laubscher

Simoné is Elle Macpherson's personal nutritionist and business partner, having formulated all of the nutritional products for Welleco International.

Dr Jaban Moore - Therasage - Ambassador

  Dr. Jaban Moore


Dr. Jaban Moore’s passion for restoring health through a multi-therapeutic approach came from a young age when his mother was diagnosed with Diabetes after a 3-year struggle trying to figure out what was causing her health to decline. She was diagnosed only because she was in a car accident and in the ER she was told that she was diabetic. Her doctors noted that it was possibly missed for years. By this point she had gained 100 lbs, her cholesterol was out of control, she had ulcers in her stomach, depression, high blood pressure, and chronic fatigue. Growing up Dr. Moore watched his mother’s condition progress adding new medications and symptoms by the year never curing or making her feel better for long just stabilizing one symptom until the next started. This eventually lead to thyroid cancer and 2 surgeries to remove the cancer. Through this experience, Dr. Moore found his mission to discover the root cause of a condition so that the progression can be stopped so the next person doesn’t have to go through a story like hers.

During chiropractic school when his own health journey began he started to decline physically rapidly with no known cause at the age of 25. Over the next year, he searched for answers with many different doctors. He was experiencing, fatigue, joint pain, and low testosterone. After not finding many answers from several doctors he was at a conference of functional medicine doctors. It was there he met one who suggested the possibility of Lyme disease. After some testing and further investigation, Dr. Moore was found to be positive for Lyme. This began his journey of learning how to treat it. After consulting several doctors and trying many treatments Dr. Moore found relief and has been symptom-free for over 5 years now.

Dr. Moore’s professional and postdoctoral training includes True Cellular Healing, Chiropractic Plus Kinesiology, Applied Kinesiology, Clinical Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Bio-Resonance Therapy, Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT), Nutrition, Rehabilitation, Functional Medicine, Blood Laboratory Analysis, and Live Cell Microscopy.

He has taken courses on Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry, Mastering Thyroid, Mastering Brain Chemistry, and has trained with several Lyme disease and parasitology experts.

  Dr. Jess Peatross


Dr. Jess is a visionary for the future of healthcare. Her philosophy embraces true health that encompasses the whole patient – mind, body, and spirit. Now she is committed to sharing her knowledge that our bodies are meant to heal naturally. In fact, 90% of disease is a result of lifestyle, diet, and environment. Address those elements, and you have a greater chance to heal and reverse chronic disease.

Today, Dr. Jess is a driving force in the field of functional medicine. She is the creator, formulator and former owner of 15 top-selling functional supplements for common conditions with more launching soon! She devotes considerable time to consulting with clients around the globe and educating thousands of people worldwide.

Abby T. Aboitiz


Abby T. Aboitiz, a seasoned entrepreneur and dedicated philanthropist, is widely recognized for her exceptional accomplishments. With a strategic vision and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Abby consistently demonstrates her ability to set ambitious goals and deliver extraordinary results.

What distinguishes Abby is her remarkable capacity to unite industry leaders behind her visionary pursuits—a mission to revolutionize healthcare and empower individuals to take charge of their well-being. Her extensive interests encompass healthcare, fitness, beauty, medtech, and logistics, with a global business presence spanning 92 countries.

Abby's role as the founder of AI Wellness, 247 Health Solution, Apex Digital Health, Sensights AI, and Complete Circle of Care & Markitech underscores her commitment to navigating the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. Her primary objective is to equip aging communities with the tools needed to proactively manage their health.

Abby also co-founded Hey Abby Ai, further solidifying her presence in the realm of artificial intelligence and healthcare innovation. In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavors, she holds an executive leadership position at GeneHarmonics, a prominent global biotech company. In this capacity, she plays a pivotal role in driving innovation and shaping the future of biotechnology on an international scale. Abby remains dedicated to simplifying essential aspects of life for individuals worldwide, ensuring that healthcare, finance, and technology are accessible to all.

Dr Stephen Sinatra - Therasage - Ambassador

  Dr. Stephen Sinatra [October 15, 1946 – June 19, 2022]


Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra is a board-certified cardiologist specializing in integrative medicine. He is also a certified bioenergetic psychotherapist.

He has published journal articles on cholesterol and coenzyme Q10. He has appeared on national radio and television broadcasts, including The Dr. Oz Show, The Doctors, CNN’s “Sunday Morning News,” XM Radio’s “America’s Doctor Dr. Mehmet Oz,” and PBS’s “Body & Soul." He is also the author of the monthly newsletter Heart, Health & Nutrition and founder of Heart MD Institute.

Sinatra lectures about metabolic cardiology and energy medicine, focusing on the use of electroceuticals such as grounding or "earthing" to improve the body's capacity to heal at the cellular level.

In 2009, Sinatra founded Heart MD Institute, a free online educational resource about integrative medicine. Heart MD Institute, or HMDI, is an educational platform through which people can learn about preventive and anti-aging lifestyle habits, nutrition, stress relief, and cardiovascular topics like cholesterol, blood pressure, heart disease, drugs and surgery, and metabolic cardiology, as well as various other topics like EMF sensitivity, obesity, diabetes, and alternative medicine.

Dr Nathan Bryan - Therasage - Ambassador

  Dr. Nathan Bryan


Dr. Nathan Bryan is an international leader in molecular medicine and nitric oxide biochemistry.

Specifically, Dr. Bryan was the first to describe nitrite and nitrate as indispensable nutrients required for optimal cardiovascular health. He was the first to demonstrate and discover an endocrine function of nitric oxide via the formation of S-nitrosoglutathione and inorganic nitrite.

Dr. Bryan has been involved in nitric oxide research for the past 18 years and has made many seminal discoveries in the field. These discoveries and findings have transformed the development of safe and effective functional bioactive natural products in the treatment and prevention of human disease and may provide the basis for new preventive or therapeutic

Dr. Bryan has published a number of highly cited papers and authored or edited 5 books.

Christopher W. Shade - Therasage - Ambassador

  Christopher W. Shade, Ph.D.


Dr. Christopher Shade, PhD, founder and CEO of Quicksilver Scientific®, specializes in the biological, environmental, and analytical chemistry of mercury in all its forms and their interactions with sulfur compounds, particularly glutathione and its enzyme system.

He has patented a mercury speciation diagnostic process to analyze human toxicity, founded the only clinical lab in the world offering mercury speciation analysis, and has designed cutting edge systems of nutraceuticals for detoxification and antioxidant protection, including advanced phospholipid delivery systems for both water- and fat-soluble compounds. His Quicksilver Delivery Systems® nanoparticle technology increases the bioavailability of supplements and protocols leading to higher efficacy products.

Dr. Shade is regularly sought out to speak as an educator on the topics of mercury, environmental toxicities, neuroinflammation, immune dysregulation, and the human detoxification system in the United States and internationally. He has helped corporate executives, professional athletes, celebrities, children with autism, patients with chronic immune disorders and more. He strives to evolve the way the medical industry delivers care, and he is perpetually broadening the way the world understands health.

  Dr. Keesha Ewers


Dr. Keesha Ewers is an integrative medicine expert, Doctor of Sexology, Family Practice ARNP, MAPS certified MDMA assisted psychotherapist (as well as being certified in five different trauma healing modalities), herbalist, a certified conscious dying doula, is board certified in functional medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, and is the founder and medical director of the Academy for Integrative Medicine Health Coach Certification Program.

Dr. Keesha has been in the medical field for over 30 years. After conducting the HURT Study in 2013 (Healing Un-Resolved Trauma), she developed the HURT Model for understanding how past childhood trauma impacts adult health. This led to the creation of the You Unbroken online program and the Healing Through the Chakra System online program for patients to heal their own trauma and the Mystic Medicine deep immersion healing retreats she leads in Washington State.

Dr. Keesha is a popular speaker, including at Harvard and from the TEDx stage, and the best-selling author of Solving the Autoimmune Puzzle: The Woman’s Guide to Reclaiming Emotional Freedom and Vibrant Health, The Quick and Easy Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook: Anti-Inflammatory Recipes with 7 Ingredients or Less for Busy People, and Your Libido Story: A workbook for women who want to find, fix, and free their sexual desire.

Dr Lowell Gerber - Therasage - Ambassador

Dr. Lowell I. Gerber, M.D.


Dr. Lowell I. Gerber, M.D. is a physician/holistic cardiologist affiliated with Bio-Individual Health Strategies, LLC, Maine and La Luz Wellness Center, Galeana, Mexico.

Dr. Gerber earned his undergraduate degree and Master’s degree in Physiology of Exercise from the University of Illinois. He earned his medical degree at Loyola University, Stritch School of Medicine. Then, Dr. Gerber was a Research Fellow in Experimental Pulmonary Pathology also at Loyola. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine and his fellowship in Cardiology at the University of South Florida College of Medicine in Tampa, Florida. Dr. Gerber began his training and experience in coronary and peripheral vascular interventions in 1980. In 1986, he served as a visiting professor at the University of Normandy in Rouen, France, and became an expert in interventional, non-surgical treatment of structural heart disease. Dr. Gerber participated with the team who were pioneers in the development of the percutaneous aortic valve (TAVR). Dr. Gerber is a Diplomate in the American Board of Internal Medicine, Subspecialty Board of Cardiovascular Disease, Subspecialty Nuclear Cardiology, and Subspecialty Interventional Cardiology. He is a fellow of the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association. Dr Gerber is a member of ILADS having completed the Lyme Fundamentals Course and lectured on Lyme carditis at the 2018 ILADS conference in Chicago, IL.

Jeffrey Smith - Therasage - Ambassador - Secret Ingredients

  Jeffrey Smith


Jeffrey Smith delivers transformational communication on a global scale. A bestselling author, award-winning filmmaker, celebrated public speaker, and penetrating interviewer, his work has influenced the behavior and health of millions of people worldwide.

Jeffrey was the architect of a successful plan to achieve the tipping point of consumer rejection of genetically engineered foods. The majority of Americans now understand that GMOs are unsafe, and the food industry is responding by removing them.

His global bestseller, Seeds of Deception, ignited the anti-GMO movement by exposing industry and government lies about GMO safety. In the book Genetic Roulette, he organized the science behind GMO health risks in a unique, easy-to-digest format, prompting one reviewer to write, “Smith has to be the best science communicator alive today.”

Dr Jerry Tennant - Therasage - Ambassador

  Dr. Jerry Tennant


Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD, MD(H), PScD is a world-renowned physician, international author, and integrative health practitioner. He is a Harvard-trained ophthalmologist, founder of The Tennant Institute for Integrative Medicine, and was named one of Top 20 Alternative Doctors in America.

Dr. Tennant holds over 13 patents for medical devices including intraocular lenses and surgical instruments. He is a pioneer in helping with the integration of a more holistic approach to the practice of medicine today, sharing a Who’s Who lists of integrative/alternative practitioners —with names like Drs. Oz, Mercola, Weil, Sears, Brownstein, and others.

Dr. Tennant’s story is not just that of a doctor, but mirrors what many regular people face with their health issues today. From experiencing normal health, to a drastic change in illness, to dealing with a modern medicine system that doesn’t always have the answers, Dr. Tennant’s journey of healing is remarkable and revolutionary. Read on to learn more of his story.

Wendy Myers - Therasage - Ambassador

  Wendy Myers FDN-P, NC, CHHC  


Wendy Myers, FDN-P, NC, CHHC is an expert in detoxification and minerals.

She is passionate about educating the public on the importance of long term detoxing considering our toxic world. She healed her own health issues through hair mineral analysis and developed a unique detox and supplement program. Wendy wants to help others do the same.

Wendy’s interest in nutrition began with the death of her father from esophageal cancer. Intuitively, she knew his chemo, radiation, and ten medications killed him prematurely. She vowed to find out what made him sick, why he died, what role medications played in his demise, and how she could avoid the same fate. The more Wendy learned, the more she realized that all the answers to health do not lie in our medical system. Food, detoxification and natural healing modalities must be used to compliment the advances in modern medicine.

Dr Lisa Koche - Therasage - Ambassador

  Dr. Lisa Koche


Dr. Lisa Koche is triple boarded in Internal Medicine, Bariatrics, and Anti-Aging and Regenerative medicine.

Ever since her own exposure to the medical field due to childhood leukemia and heart failure from chemo, she has been focused on finding the CAUSE of issues instead of treating the symptoms. She attended Emory Medical School and completed her internal medicine residency at USF in Tampa. She started her practice focusing on preventing cardiovascular diseases and obesity. That experience led to further training in alternative medicine, hormones, and nutrition. She is the medical director and founder of Spectra Wellness Solutions, a comprehensive clinic focusing on all aspects needed for total body healing including the ketogenic diet, hormone replacement therapies, and enhancing mitochondrial function. She has a team of gifted healers that work together to create individualized treatment plans. She has several signature programs for optimal performance including the Ignite program featured in her first book, GET LIT.

Barry Smeltzer, PA - Therasage - Ambassador

  Barry Smeltzer MPAS, PA-C


Barry Smeltzer is a Holistic Practitioner who specializes in biomedical and environmental medicine interventions to assist the body in the healing process. He has dedicated his career to healing children and families after his own son was diagnosed with multiple medical conditions, from which all he has significantly improved.

Barry has a Masters in Physician Assistant studies from Finch University/Chicago Medical School and has been certified as a Defeat Autism Now clinician. He has several published articles in The Autism File and Autism Science Digest. He has presented across the country for organizations such as TACA, Holistic Mom’s Network, National Autism Association and Autism One. Barry has also spoken for local organizations – the San Antonio Natural Parenting group and Any Baby Can San Antonio.


Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy - Therasage - Ambassador

  Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy


Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy has treated over 47,000 patients. She leads two medical centers including the largest integrative medical clinic in North America. The offices offer a vast array of services for men, women and children, including the latest in cancer therapies, nutrition, weight loss, cosmetic treatment, pain management, acupuncture, massage therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and much more.

Anthony DiClementi - Therasage - Ambassador

  Anthony DeClemente


Anthony DiClementi CNS, NCSF-CPT, specialist in Functional Medicine & Nutritional Neuroscience, Biohacker) is a world-class wellness expert, author, and international speaker specializing in rapid fat loss and increasing energy. His uncommon biohacks use science, nature, and technology to upgrade the body and mind.

For over 10 years now Anthony has been helping clients take control of their own health and wellness dreams.

Luke Storey - Therasage - Ambassador

  Luke Storey


Luke Storey is a motivational speaker, kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, world-class biohacker, host of The Life Stylist Podcast, and founder of the world's premier online fashion school for stylists, School of Style which he founded in 2008.

Luke’s spent the past twenty-three years developing and refining the ultimate wellness lifestyle, based on the most transformative principles of primal health and ancient spiritual practices, while at the same time embracing the most cutting-edge natural healing and consciousness expanding technologies. He has tenaciously applied the results of his field research and used them to not only completely transform his own life but also the lives of thousands of fans and followers through his various media channels and speaking engagements.

As a transformational speaker and entrepreneur, Luke continues to share his strategies for healing and happiness through his innovative and highly effective Lifestyle Design teachings, his Youtube channel, and his wildly popular podcast.

Dr Jere Rivera - Therasage - Ambassador

  Dr. Jere Rivera


Jere Rivera-Dugenio, Ph.D. is a quantum mechanics researcher with a Ph.D. in Natural Medicine from the International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine in Honolulu, Hawaii. Jere specializes in advanced scalar and plasma energy technologies, quantum morphogenetic field physics and the larger paradigm of science known as the 15-Dimensional Unified Field Physics. He has lectured and presented his research findings at Fran Drescher's Health Summit, The Conference on Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water, The Best Answer for Cancer Conferences and Autism One. Jere is the founder and CEO of Quantum Spanner, LL, The Biogenesis Conference and president of The GC Rivera Foundation, a non-profit medical-surgical-autism organization. Jere is also co-owner of Bridgeway Senior Care Center in Bridgewater, NJ.

In 2000, Jere underwent a powerful near-death experience (NDE) that shifted his consciousness from a 3-dimensional to a multidimensional perceptual understanding of First Creation Physics and the formation of morphogenetic scalar fields. Unlike modern day researchers who base their theories on 3-dimensional experiments, during his near-death experience (NDE) Jere experienced the true nature of dark matter, morphogenetic fields, which hold the blueprint upon which units of consciousness create our holographic reality.

Dr Mitch Ghen - Therasage - Ambassador

  Dr. Mitch Ghen


Dr. Mitch Ghen has 36 years of experience in anti-aging and holistic and integrative medicine. In addition, he has authored dozens of articles in peer- reviewed journals. He has been a host and guest on hundreds of radio programs as well as television, where he has been the expert in alternative health. As well as his work in nutritional medicine, he has some of the most experience as an expert clinician and researcher in the field of stem cell transplantation.

Dr. Mitch is an international lecturer on topics about oral and IV nutrition, life- style changes, bioidentical hormone replacement, and stem cell transplantation. He is noted to be one of the premier teachers at conferences and seminars on integrative medicine and his vast academic knowledge, coupled with his entertaining delivery, makes a well sought after presenter.

He is the co-author of four textbooks including the Advance Guide to Longevity Medicine, The Ghen and Raine’s Guide to Compounding Pharmaceuticals, the AntiAging Physicians’ Handbook for Compounding Pharmaceuticals, and his newest, The Essentials and Science of IV Parenteral Medicine. Dr. Mitch is considered one of the top ten anti-aging physicians and consultants in the world.

Robert Slovak - Therasage - Ambassador

  Robert Slovak


Robert Slovak devoted himself to the science of water after life-altering experiences. He took his astronautical and mechanical engineering degrees and decided to pursue the research of reverse osmosis with his brother Jack. The dynamic duo were considered the early developers of Reverse Osmosis technology.

Robert is best known for co-founding Water Factory Systems in the early 1970’s. He and his brother were among the early developers of Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology and its many applications.

Their successful innovations encompassed home and office RO drinking water systems, bottled water production, laboratory purification, hemodialysis, seawater desalination, microchip production, bottled water production, water vending, spot-free vehicle washing and more.

As a result of the rapid growth of RO applications, Robert’s ongoing seminars, and a best-selling industry book on the subject of POU (Point of Use) RO, he became a well-known figure in the water industry. In 1989 Water Factory Systems was purchased by CUNO Inc, a global leader in fluid treatment. Since then, it was acquired by the 3M Corporation, which continues to market many of their original products.

Cary Jack - Happy Hustle - Therasage - Ambassador

  Cary Jack


Cary Jack is a lifestyle entrepreneur, author, podcast host, professional actor/model, biohacker, and eco-warrior striving to make a positive impact on this planet. A tri-lingual college student-athlete graduate, he earned a degree in Interdisciplinary Communications, majoring in Marketing and Advertising and minoring in Business. His passions include traveling, martial arts, soccer, entrepreneurship and selflessly giving.

 Cary Jack is the founder of The Happy Hustle, whose mission is to educate, inspire, and entertain, while reminding you to enjoy the journey, not just the destination, as you Happy Hustle for a life of passion and purpose. From successful entrepreneurs to spiritual masters, Cary Jack interviews an array of powerful guests on The Happy Hustle Podcast to help you transform your dreams into a reality. Through courses, events, and content, Cary Jack instills more balance and fulfilment in your life while putting the Happy back in your Hustle!

Gaby Piccirilli - Therasage - Ambassador

  Gaby Piccirilli


Gaby Piccirilli is a holistic health professional and philanthropist on a mission to help others live a harmonious and fulfilled life in optimal health.

"My ultimate goal is to end suffering for anyone in need. I know, it's a big one. It sounds lofty and huge and idealistic, but it's the only goal big enough for me. It’s what fuels my mission.

Through my powerful healing work, I have met, and changed many people’s lives, including my own. The way I see the world, as always happening for you and not to you, is what I bring to my clients. Once we shed the idea that we are "victims," we can cure depression, lift negativity, relieve pain, regenerate pathways and create a new, improved life.

In the end, I can bring out the very best in you and give your life story a new meaning.

My approach to health and healing is comprehensive. We are connected, powerful and limitless humans. Our body and mind have the ability to regenerate at unprecedented speeds. It is an understanding of the full story, the entire picture as explained below to alter and modify certain areas to fully optimize our infinite potential.

In collaboration with other practitioners and healers, modalities and schools of thought, I’ve realized one thing: it’s really a matter of simplifying life; and finding the missing link to make your existence and essence come through to serve your purpose and to be of service to others."

Hippocrates Health Institute - Therasage - Ambassador

  Hippocrates Health Institute


Starting in 1956, the year the Hippocrates Health Institute was founded by Ann Wigmore (later joined by Viktoras Kulvinskas), we have operated on the belief that given the proper tools and environment, our bodies are self-healing and self-rejuvenating. That was a philosophy practiced by Hippocrates himself and passed down to us today from this father of modern medicine.

As a fifth-century BC Greek physician, Hippocrates treated the body as a whole, not just a series of parts, and taught a natural healing process centered on a wholesome, natural diet. He developed an oath of medical ethics that physicians today still repeat as they begin their careers in medicine. An important part of that original oath, written in 400 BC, reads: “I will give no deadly medicine to anyone.”

  Dr. Izabella Wentz


Dr. Izabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP is one of the pioneering experts in lifestyle interventions for treating Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. She was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in 2009. Trained as a pharmacist, Dr. Wentz was surprised at the lack of knowledge about lifestyle interventions for Hashimoto’s and autoimmune conditions, so decided to take on lifestyle interventions as a personal mission in an effort to help herself and others with the same condition. She self-published her first book, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Finding and Treating the Root Cause in 2013. She has since launched a thriving online community of more than 200K “Root Cause Rebels,” empowering those diagnosed with Hashimoto’s or thinking that they may have Hashimoto’s to take charge of their health and find solutions that work for them. Her popular programs include one-on-one health consultations, a widely-read email newsletter, a Hashimoto’s Institute geared towards physicians and other practitioners, a 12-week self care program, and many more.

Dr Joel Rosen - Therasage - Ambassador

Dr Joel Rosen


Dr. Joel Rosen graduated from McMaster University with a degree in the Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology program. He also earned a second undergraduate degree in Psychology from York University in Ontario Canada, where he was born and raised for the first 28 years of his life. He went on to attend the Los Angeles College Of Chiropractic from which he graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic and as a member of the Delta Sigma Honors Society. During his schooling in Los Angeles, he also went on to earn his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialty.

Dr. Rosen believes his education background being rich and diverse, has provided the requisite tools to keep his patients both healthy and active. His wellness philosophy: patient education and informative teaching, and regular healthy living measures are fundamental components of sound chiropractic health care. Having the good fortune of being from a traditional medical family, he understands the role traditional health care plays with living healthy, but marries the concepts of alternative medicine, to view health as the combination of physical, mental, spiritual, or ultimately a holistic approach.

Niki Gatrix - Therasage - Ambassador

  Niki Gatrix


Niki Gatrix is an award-winning internationally renowned, functional health practitioner and medical empath helping people to optimize emotional and physical health. Since 2004 she has completed over 10,000 consultations in over 40 countries around the world helping people to overcome fatigue, get their lives back and live an abundant, fulfilling life.

Niki is passionate about using both psycho-emotional, energetic and physical approaches for a truly comprehensive, radically wholistic approach to abundant energy and health. Niki is known for being able to identify and articulate how the mind and body work together as one unit, helping people to connect all the dots and move them along their healing journey.

Tracy Piper - Therasage - Ambassador

  Tracy Piper


Tracy Piper is the founder and owner of The Piper Center for Internal Wellness, an integrated holistic health-care facility in New York City. Tracy is a licensed massage therapist, licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbologist, and a certified colon hydrotherapist.

She is the go-to guru that A-list celebrities—including actors, models, and musicians, as well as media moguls, eminent doctors and health professionals, and captains of industry rely on to look and feel their best - and author of, The Piper Protocol: The Insider's Secret to Weight Loss and Internal Fitness.

Dr Marlene Siegel - Therasage - Ambassador

  Dr. Marlene Siegel


Dr. Marlene Siegel has been a visionary in the health field. Her hospital was the first in Florida to offer ultrasound telemedicine, and the second hospital to offer class 4 laser therapy, the first on board with digital radiography, and she continues to strive to stay cutting edge in the profession.

Dr. Siegel began VSST- Veterinary Support Staff Training in 2006. It is a program that teaches lay people an introduction to veterinary receptionist and veterinary technician assistant, enabling them to get an idea of what the profession requires and a foot in the door for those seeking a career in veterinary medicine. She also has an extensive volunteer program that gives students community hours and an introduction into veterinary medicine.

She feels her role as a practitioner is to educate and empower people to make informed decisions. Her client/patient relationships starts with a complete history and a thorough physical exam. She then educates the owner of the options available, helping them to make decisions right for them and their pet.

Dr Blanche Grube - Therasage - Ambassador

  Dr. Blanche Grube


Dr. Blanche Grube received her doctorate from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in 1982 (now Rutgers University). She holds a second doctorate in Integrative Medicine from Capital University of Integrative Medicine in Washington, D.C. She also received training in conscious sedation at Albert Einstein Hospital, New York and at St. Joseph’s Hospital, New Jersey. To this, she has added extensive training in homeopathy, nutrition, iridology, colon hydrotherapy, neural therapy and acupuncture.

A board certified biological dentist, Dr. Grube is a former President of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine (IABDM), and she holds Fellowships from the IABDM, the IAOMT, The Institute of Natural Dentistry, and the Dental Association of Conscious Sedation.

A successful businesswoman, she owns Dr. Blanche D. Grube Clinic/Centers for Healing - Scranton, Biocomp Laboratories, DNA Connexions, and Huggins Applied Healing.

Dr Gene Sambataro - Therasage - Ambassador

  Dr. Gene Sambataro


Dr. Gene Sambataro is a Holistic (Biological) Dentist practicing for 37 yrs w/ special interest in Toxic Free Dentistry, Nutritional contributions to oral health, TMD (temporomandibular joint disorders), SDB(Sleep disordered breathing) and Orthodontic/Orthopedic appliance therapy. I am most passionate about helping children w/ sleep disordered breathing and the associated health issues (ADD, ADHD, bed wetting, mouth breathing, learning disabilities, etc.) and to prevent the need for extractions and braces.

Founder and Clinical Director of The Julian Center for Comprehensive Dentistry which treats patients w/ a whole body approach including all phases of Dentistry except root canal therapy which we do not advocate. Our emphasis is to build a strong foundation by addressing TMD , SDB and Periodontal issues before restoring the mouth- a paradigm from traditional Dentistry.

Dr. Scott Richmond - Therasage - Ambassador

  Dr. Scott Richmond


Dr. Scott Richmond is a licensed, board-certified Chiropractor with over 15 years of experience working with patients and clients of all ages. He received his B.A. from Buena Vista University with a degree in Athletic Training. After a baseball season ending injury, the course of his future career was set. Dr. Richmond received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA in 2005.

  Dr. David Minkoff


Dr. David Minkoff graduated from the University of Wisconsin Medical School in 1974 and was elected to the “Phi Beta Kappa” of medical schools, the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Honors Medical Fraternity for very high academic achievement.

He is board certified in pediatrics and has completed a fellowship in Infectious Diseases at the University of California in San Diego, which included research in developing new medicines to fight viral disease. As a clinical faculty member at the University, he also served as co-director of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Palomar Medical Center.

For 12 years Dr. Minkoff worked in Emergency Medicine at the Community Hospital of New Port Richey, Florida which ranks in the top 100 hospitals in the U.S. This emergency room has a chest pain center considered in the top 1 percent of all such centers in the U.S.

In addition to his traditional medical training, Dr. Minkoff has extensive post-graduate training in Complementary and Alternative Medicine. He is an expert in Functional Medicine, Chelation, Allergy Elimination, European Biological Medicine, Neural Therapy, Longevity/Aging Medicine, Enderlein Therapy, Insulin Potentiated Therapy, and more.

With this training, he co-founded LifeWorks Wellness Center in 1997, one of the largest alternative medical clinics in the U.S. This wellness center combines more cutting-edge alternative therapies and modalities under the same roof than almost any other alternative clinic in the country.

In 2000, he founded BodyHealth, a nutrition company which offers a unique range of dietary supplements to the public and practitioners. He is also currently on the board of Home Health Works, an agency which offers in-home care and which was founded by Dr. Minkoff’s wife, Sue Minkoff R.N.

Dr Michelle Perro - Therasage - Ambassador

  Michelle Perro, M.D.


Michelle Perro, MD is a veteran clinician with over 35 years of experience in both pediatrics as well as in integrative medicine treating both children and their families. Her career began in Pediatric Emergency Medicine winding its way into homeopathic and functional medicine over the years. She has been director of a Pediatric Emergency Department in NYC and spent over a decade at UCSF Benioff Oakland Children’s Hospital. Dr. Perro has been a tireless advocate concerning the role of GM food and their associated pesticides and their affect on children’s health.

Perry Nickelston - Therasage Ambassador - Stop Chasing Pain

  Perry Nickelston, DC, NKT, FMS, SFMA


Perry Nickelston, DC, NKT, FMS, SFMA, is a Chiropractic Physician with primary focus on Performance Enhancement, Corrective Exercise, and Metabolic Fitness Nutrition and trained from The American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders. He is an expert in myofascial, orthopedic, medical and trigger point soft tissue therapy. A member of the Board of Directors and Medical Staff Advisor for AIMLA (American Institute of Medical Laser Application). Dr. Perry teaches healthcare professionals all over the world how to successfully use Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy in alleviating pain. Director of clinical protocols and training for LiteCure Medical Lasers specializing in Myofascial Laser treatments.

Dr. Perry is an expert in movement assessment and diagnosis. Certified and trained as a Functional Movement Specialist (FMS) and Selective Functional Movement Assessment Specialist (SFMA). He uses programs designed to find your source of painful dysfunction and correct it the site of pain improves. A regular columnist for Dynamic Chiropractic, Practice Insights, Chiropractic Economics, To Your Health Magazine, Advance Physical Therapy, PT on the Net, LiveStrong, StrengthCoach, and other industry publications for health and fitness.

Dr. Perry has an incredible site, Stop Chasing Pain, to help you find the pain you don't know about to help the pain that won't leave you alone.

Steve Hines - Therasage - Ambassador

  Steve Hines, N.D. N.E.


Steve Hines, N.D. N.E. - At the age of 17, Steve was the youngest employee of Xerox Corporation in the world as an electronics technician for digital controls and electromagnetic systems. At the time, he had no idea how his training in electronics and magnetism would serve as a foundation for his in-depth understanding of cellular communication and intercellular exchange.

As a Naturopathic Doctor and a Naturopathic Endocrinologist, Steve Hines uses his 20+ years of experience to analyze your current health condition to look for sources of ailments rather than simply treating your symptoms. Since he is a Naturopathic Doctor and not a Medical Doctor, he would prefer his clients to call him "Steve" rather then "Dr. Hines".

Dr. Peter Kan - Therasage Ambassador

  Dr. Peter Kan


Dr. Peter Kan, D.C. D.A.C.N.B., F.A.A.I.M., C.F.M.P., C.G.P., - Dr. Kan believes that there are no accidents in life and everything happens for a reason. Although the family illnesses were difficult and stressful, his family’s health was transformed through it all. Thousands of hours of post graduate training and over 5,000 clients later, Dr. Kan is committed more than ever to use what he has learned to help those who has lost hope and lost in the insurance-based, profit-motivated, and pharmaceutically-driven system that is failing people with chronic conditions.

Dr. Kan supports and manages patients with chronic conditions using a comprehensive approach by merging the exciting advances of functional neurology and functional medicine. Patients from across the country have come to seek out his holistic approach that is changing the lives of those suffering from chronic conditions. Dr. Kan regularly consults with other physicians on the methods he uses.

Born in Taiwan and immigrated to America at the age of 13, Dr. Kan has deep appreciation of the Eastern wisdom and Western advances in natural healthcare. He believes in the God given ability of the body to heal and regulate itself, and that the body, mind, and spirit must be in alignment for healing to take place. It is his faith in God that gives him the passion and commitment to help patients with chronic pain find hope and healing.

Dr. Tom O'Bryan - Therasage Amabassador

  Dr. Tom O'Bryan


Dr. Tom O'Bryan, D.C., C.C.N. D.A.C.N.B. - Dr. Thomas O’Bryan is an internationally recognized and sought-after speaker and workshop leader specializing in wheat, its impact on health, and the development of autoimmune diseases as they occur inside and outside of the intestines. In November 2016, Dr. O’Bryan released Betrayal: The Autoimmune Disease Solution They’re Not Telling You, an investigation into the global effects of issues underlying the autoimmune system and chronic disease. Over 500,000 people worldwide have watched the docuseries.

Dr. O’Bryan is considered a ‘Sherlock Holmes’ for chronic disease and metabolic disorders, teaching that the underlying mechanisms that trigger the development of chronic disease are the key to health. He holds teaching faculty positions with The Institute for Functional Medicine and the National University of Health Sciences. He has trained and certified tens of thousands of practitioners around the world in advanced understanding of the impact of wheat sensitivity and the development of individual autoimmune diseases.

  Dr. Daniel Stickler


Daniel Stickler, MD is a future-focused visionary and a human potential evolutionary thought leader.

He is the Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of The Apeiron Center for Human Potential and Chief Science Officer for Apeiron Academy. He is the pioneer behind systems-based precision performance medicine, a new paradigm that re-defines medicine from the old symptoms based disease model to one of limitless peak performance in all aspects of life. A physician to high-performing executives and entrepreneurs who want to upgrade their current state, he’s also an author, speaker, blogger and podcaster. He is the Medical Director for the Neurohacker Collective, a Google consultant for wearable technology, epigenetics, and AI in healthcare and a guest lecturer at Stanford University on Epigenetics in Clinical Practice. In 2008, a new world opened through the lens of genetics and epigenetics and his near obsession like fascination of the potentials for personalized human systems design led to the realization that we truly have the ability within us to take charge of our destiny and become the architects of our evolution

  Samantha Harris


Emmy-winning TV Host Samantha Harris may be best known for her eight seasons as the host of Dancing with the Stars and her many years on Entertainment Tonight, EXTRA, E! News and Access Hollywood. From hosting from every major Hollywood award show red carpet to starring on Broadway in the musical CHICAGO, she has been a fixture in the entertainment world.

  • At age 40, this wife and mom received a shocking diagnosis… breast cancer.
  • Rising from that challenge, she became a breast cancer THRIVER, Certified Health Coach and trainer, and the author of the bestselling book – YOUR HEALTHIEST HEALTHY: 8 Easy Ways to Take Control, Help Prevent and Fight Cancer, and Live a Longer, Cleaner, Happier Life.
  • As a health expert, you’ve seen her on: THE DOCTOR’S, HLN’S MORNING EXPRESS, HOME & FAMILY, DAILY BLAST LIVE and many more.
  • It means so much to her to support others who are trying to become even healthier – so she created the online-membership wellness group “YOUR HEALTHIEST HEALTHY: COMMUNITY” – as well as leads wellness retreats each year.
  • As a National Ambassador for the charity Susan G. Koman, each month she gifts five full-year memberships to breast cancer survivors.
  • Samantha empowers women with the tools to feel even better and elevate their wellness to become their healthiest healthy.
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