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Follow Your Bliss....

Follow Your Bliss....


We all know the phrase, “WAKE UP and smell the roses” but do we actually ever do it?  Deep down, what truly brings happiness, and joy to our heart -- the simple things in life -- a hug, a puppy, a walk on the beach, a smile, holding the hand of a loved one.  In today's’ fast-paced world there are so many choices and directions to go, we experience information and technology overload, and have access to almost anything, anytime, anywhere.  At first glance, this may seem like a blessing but for many of us, at certain times it’s a curse.  This dynamic can easily be overwhelming, and cause you to become the metaphorical “Deer caught in the Head Lights (of your Life)”.  You can’t go forward and you can’t go back. You're stuck. Frozen.   

How do you find time for yourself, determine and sort through your priorities, interpret the messages, rise above the personal chaos, and feel the simple joys that life has to offer?  Stay with me and I will share my life's experience and share how to find happiness within the matrix of today’s complex world.


The Power of Loss


Although my daughter Julia had been battling chronic Lyme disease for many years she had conquered most of her debilitating symptoms, she found her passion and was embracing her life’s work at Therasage.  Her Instagram description says it all.




Therasage, our family business, began when we created devices that helped Julia manage her symptoms and health challenges.  She knew she had to share them and the knowledge she had gained from her journey, and help others. Therasage is truly a mission of LOVE and very much the embodiment of Julia’s spirit, her will to live, overcome her health challenge, and share her solutions and persevere.

I always walked Julia out to her car to hug her goodbye after work.  One particular Friday night was no different than any other, except she insisted on running back into the office to give her father one more (heart to heart ) hug good-by.   When she returned to her car, she hugged and kissed me (again) and as I walked away she yelled, (out of the blue):


“Life is about relationships and love and happiness.  That’s it. That is all there is! ” 


She passed away suddenly, quickly, and peacefully that evening.  This was certainly a very powerful final message!!

I was lost in grief and confusion and sure I would never have joy in my life again.  How do I go on without my beautiful baby, my best friend, my inspiration, my everything!?  After all that she had been through and had overcome, how and why did this happen!?  How does Therasage continue without her inspiration? Have I lost my purpose?  I was stuck, like a "deer caught in the headlights "  of my life.

Then her signs, her messages, her true vibrations, began from “the other side”.  They were clear and specific and consistent -- about love, faith, and the true purpose of life -- (even the Dalai Lama has said), the true purpose of life is happiness. Julia’s messages are undeniable proof that our spirits and souls live on and love never dies, and our spirits and souls live on!!


Find your Bliss - See the good in your life and allow yourself to be happy


Many times, we only truly appreciate what we have until we’ve lost it. Gratitude reminds us of everything we have and helps us realize the importance of the simple things in life that bring us joy, especially when we relate it to the people in our life that we love, but take for granted. This is counterintuitive.  After all, is there anything more important in our lives than our loved ones?  Why does it take a tragedy for people (to remember) to appreciate life and each other? 

Learn to live in the now


Julia sends messages almost every day, letting me know that she is watching and guiding me, her father, and her brother, from another dimension and embedding the concept of gratitude and freedom -- all you have is the moment, the present, don’t waste time with things you cannot control and don’t waste time with negative thoughts and behaviors.  Most negative emotions are completely useless. Resentment, bitterness, hate, and jealousy have never improved the quality of life for anyone. 


Take responsibility for your mind

Forgive past hurts and replace negative thoughts with positive ones.  It's important to live in the present and have faith that the pain in your life is really a gift. This allows you to grow spiritually, become more compassionate and embrace every moment, and every aspect of your life.  



More often than not, the majority of people get caught up and tend to engage in negative thoughts and complaints.  When we focus more energy on thinking positively and looking at all the good in our lives, we become happier and move in the direction of bliss.   Feelings and experiences of gratitude have been shown to enhance our immune system and positively shift our biofield.

Take a moment each morning and review everything in your life that you are grateful for -- the simple things --  like WAKING UP that morning.  Bathing in our joy brings about feelings of bliss for ourselves but can also affect those we come in contact with offering a positive shift in their perspective.

Surrounding yourself with positive people that offer love and support makes it easier to be positive and happy.  Making a conscious decision to spend more time with people who are uplifting and compassionate makes it easier for you to improve your state of mind and improve your feelings and emotions because of how positive happy energy is transmitted through the universe.  Happiness and positivity are contagious and it continues through the Law of Attraction!

Just Let Go - The beautiful journey of today can only begin when you learn to let go of yesterday. 

What is it that is keeping you from being happy? Letting go of negative habits is incredibly difficult and takes courage.  Whether you are clinging to worries about the future or you continue to replay pain or mistakes of the past again and again in your mind—it creates more pain and makes it difficult to move forward.  Perfectly put by the spiritual leader, Eckhart Tolle, “Worry pretends to be necessary but serves no useful purpose.” Questioning how your stress serves you may help you let it go.  When we stop worrying about the past or the future we are free to simply be in the present.  Change your perception and see the root cause of all the things that are causing you to worry.

We have a contrast in our lives for a reason. We learn from it.  Each part of the contrast is beautiful because each element brings growth.  We cannot know love without knowing hate and fear. We cannot know cold without knowing heat.  We cannot know peace, happiness, and bliss without experiencing stress, worry, and pain.  We cannot learn positivity without knowing negativity.  Embrace the lesson with gratitude in knowing that the positive outcome is imminent.  



Your thoughts are your best leverage to transforming your life


You and your body are wired to work together to spark neurochemical changes in your brain in the direction of your highest good and happiness. Certain learned neural patterns of thinking, however, interfere with these natural impulses. Therefore, you can change your thoughts and the standards or beliefs that form your thoughts, by learning to change your habits and thought processes. Your standards are set by your habitual thoughts. Your choices reflect your thoughts. Your thoughts reflect your beliefs. Your actions are the best indicators of what you want and believe. This principle applies to every aspect of your life.  We each have our own unique responses events and experiences. 

Your thoughts, by the level of chemical “feel-good” feelings they produce, communicate what you want to your subconscious, and your emotional responses communicate what you really, really want.  You are always in the process of becoming what you are most thinking of because your thoughts shape your actions.  

This is precisely why meditation and prayer in many religions have repetitive “mantras’. Both the words and the intentions in the prayer --  in addition to the frequency in the sound intonation of the “mantra” said out loud --  create a powerful message which manifests in your sub-conscious and translates to a conscious thought or action.

In a sense, what you think is what you are, and what you do is what you become. This is good news because it means you can change your emotions, actions and life more than you ever imagined (in present moments). Your subconscious goes by what you really, really want, and fires and wires the neurons in your brain accordingly.  Because limiting beliefs and toxic thought patterns can mislead the energies of your mind and body, it’s up to you to consciously direct change.  Only think about what you want (do not think about what you do not want). The key is to learn how to manage your fear response so you can keep your mind and body calm enough to prevent your brain from shifting out of “learning” into “protective” mode. Meditation, mantras, prayers, and gratitude are all important powerful tools to help you change negative behaviors and incorporate positive change, through positive thoughts, in your everyday life.

The most powerful tool humans have is the spiritual will.  This will is within each of us, a gift from God, that gives us the ability to overcome any obstacle.  A small shift in consciousness will have a huge shift in your life. I’m sure you’ve heard it said, “God never gives you more than you can handle.” That statement is designed to help people weather the tough times. Open your heart, eyes and ears when going through a hard time and decipher what this hard time is teaching. Keep perspective in knowing that we are given what we need in order to complete our spiritual development. When life is painful, think of it as spiritual growing pains.


Free Yourself to be Yourself


For many people, the influences around us, and pressure from our family, peers, and society to perform according to others’ standards and succeed in our material world, tend to make us forget what we really want out of life, what brings us joy, and our true passion and purpose in life.  Most of us realize, too, that none of these material things, or directions we take, based on others’ influences, are the true source of our happiness, for the simple reason that, you are not being fulfilled on a “soul-ular” level.  

Learn to let go. Let go of what others think your life should be, and who they think you should be. Listen to your heart, discover the authentic you and follow that path -- the path is really about simple happiness. BLISS!!




To seek your own personal bliss, you might wish to sit quietly, in meditation focusing on a time, or place, or experience, in your life, when you were the happiest, or in peace, or joy.  Remain with that moment, as well as the feelings stirring inside you. When you think you’ve figured out at least one thing that makes you feel blissful, then stay with it.  Memorize the feeling and vibration within you.  Write about that state in your journal. Recording your feelings can help you dig deeper into self-discovery and determine the ways in which you can follow your bliss -- always keeping in mind that your bliss is a calling that’s calling you. Self-discovery can lead to transformation, which can lead to bliss, but trying to figure out what your bliss is isn’t always easy. Remember:

"Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” 
- Greg Anderson 

Simple ways to get on the road to finding your bliss


  • Mastering your inner world – your thoughts and emotions.
  • Experiencing greater happiness and inner peace on a daily basis.
  • Realizing you are part of one greater unity known as the Universe.
  • Becoming more present in each moment – the bliss of being alive.
  • Enjoying the simple pleasures like sitting in the grass or basking in the sunshine. Spend time in nature.
  • Learning to love and accept yourself and others.
  • Laugh 
  • Spend time with others that embody the bliss in life. BLISS is found in the most unusual places

Have you ever met someone that said something or did something that truly changed the direction of your thinking or the way you looked at the world? That was a moment of BLISS!  More often BLISS is in our own proverbial backyards.  It’s in the storytelling that our ancestors passed on to us in our childhood that they learned from their childhood. It’s in the books and religious passages we read or learned from our religious influencers in person. It’s in the lessons we learned from our Thought Leaders, our teachers.   

I found inspiration and guidance from Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey, two gifted and natural teachers.  I love and use their 11 Forgotten Laws, in my daily practice and hope it will help guide and enhance your journey.  



Special Words from Bob Proctor


“First and foremost, the Law of Vibration governs everything, and everything is vibrating at a particular frequency or wavelength, people, even “solids” like tables and rocks, literally everything in the universe is full of this vibrating energy. Like a radio station is also emitting a signal, so are we.”
-Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey

  1. Law of Thinking – Whatever your dominant thoughts are are what you become.
  2. Law of Supply – There is an infinite supply that almost magically materializes if you ask in the proper way. The word ask actually is a combination of the words “claim” and “demand”.
  3. Law of Attraction – Also considered the Law of Momentum.  We were born to expect good things, and when we expect them to happen they will.
  4. Law of Receiving – We should give freely, like without worrying if we’ll even have enough for ourselves.  When we give from the proper “place” in our hearts, we are always able to receive more and better than we can even imagine.
  5. Law of Increase – Also called the Law of Praise or Appreciation.  What are you praising/complaining about?  You increase whatever you are praising.
  6. Law of Compensation – We get back what we put out, so if we are mean, we experience others being mean back to us.  If we are loving, we will experience a lot of love back.  Plus, we must BE it, before we can SEE it.
  7. Law of Non Resistance – When we experience problems, we should not put such a negative vibration/emotion into it, but instead, to not resist but turn the other cheek.
  8. Law of Forgiveness – We must be forgiving by forgiving ourselves and then others, and eventually people we have harmed may forgive us as well.  It begins within us though.
  9. Law of Sacrifice – We must give up something in order to gain something else.  Make a careful choice about what you would give up in order to gain.
  10. Law of Obedience – Surrendering to the Universe is a great feeling!  Life was meant to be easy, and obeying your inner guide, which will only lead to your happiness, is fun.
  11. Law of Success – What do you believe, that you can accomplish something, or that you can’t? What you believe is all that matters.


The Path to Bliss 


What is the true indicator that you are on the right path for you? You will feel joyful and fun, happy, positive, exhilarated, love!

  • You have numerous experiences of synchronicity.
  • You feel as if you’re contributing to the collective good.
  • You feel energetic.
  • You feel exceptionally creative.
  • You feel completely alive.
  • You feel playful and joyful.
  • You feel a sense of direction in your life.
  • You have a deep sense of meaning.  

Our true path and our true reason for “being” is to learn to connect with the true part of ourselves -- our inner being -- soul and spirit.

There is only one you and you have a unique place in the universe. Sometimes situations come up that challenge you to be authentic, and that means you have to be fully yourself and let go of being what you think others may want. Be proud of who you are and be courageous – stand tall in your convictions! Being yourself is a powerful statement and will only lead you to success and ultimately happiness.  Don’t compare yourself to other people. Be grateful for what you have, choose what your heart wants, and know that your purpose is yours alone – no one else can claim your magic nor take it away.  When you place authenticity and originality high on your list of priorities and give them a prominent place in your awareness, extraordinary things happen.  


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