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Considering joining us for a full body reset but want to know what to expect?


Below you’ll find what you can expect from the detox, common symptoms and what to do about them, and tips and tricks for maximizing your detox experience!


You can also look through our Detox FAQ guide here, learn more about how to prepare your body here, and what to do AFTER your detox here.


What does the detox look like?


  1. This functional medicine detox is offered as a 7, 14, or 21-day program

  1.   2. There are 2 fasting days each week of the detox. During these fasting days, you will only incorporate the two provided supplements and the All-in-one Daily Nutritional Support shake that has protein and the required vitamins and minerals needed for basic function for the day.

  2.   3. Here is a basic breakdown of your food plan on days 3-7(you will receive a full guide):
    1.           A. Start your day with a shake
    2.           B. Lunch is plant-based
    3.           C. Midway through the afternoon, you have another shake.
    4.           D. For dinner, it is recommended to have animal-based protein (chicken, turkey, fish - not red meat)
    5.           EVegetables: Nearly all vegetables are fair game as long as they don’t cause bloating and gas for you.

  3.   4. After day 7, if you are continuing with the 14 or 21-day detox you can repeat the fasting days and then follow the plan for the eating days (2 shakes and 2 meals)
  5.   5. If you have reached your goal after 7 days you can continue the 14 or 21-day detox but just follow the plan for the eating days for the remainder of the detox.


It is important to take the supplements as directed and follow the timing outlined in the detox guide as closely as you can.


Your detox kit comes with all of the shakes and supplements that are needed as well as an approved foods list so that you are able to best complete the detox.


You can find recipe ideas here to keep things yummy and fun!


How To Maximize Your Results


Prepare your mind, body, family, and kitchen for detoxing…you can read how to do that here.  Then, follow some of these tips…


- It is preferable to use filtered spring water and hydrate well.
- Coffee and Caffeine are not recommended for the best results
    - If you plan to discontinue caffeine, please do so a minimum of one week prior to the Detox
    - If you continue to drink coffee, please limit your intake to one 6 oz cup in the morning
- Nut Milk: Limit for best results, nut milk has fillers and additives that are harmful to the digestive system
- Herbal Tea: You can drink throughout the day using spring water
- Lemon Water: You can drink throughout the day using spring water
- Using an infrared sauna on your non-fasting days will help speed up toxin removal from the body
- Walk after meals (especially after dinner), this helps to promote digestion
- Plan meals for the next day/week
- No snacking (allow glucose to drop)
- Move your body with exercise, rebounding, walking, or dry brushing
- Minimize stress of all kinds as much as you can!

What kind of symptoms might you experience?


This is different for everyone, but it’s not uncommon to experience some symptoms of detox, withdrawal from coffee/processed foods, etc. This is normal, but can be uncomfortable!


Some of the most common symptoms include:

        •           - Headaches
                    - Fatigue
                    - Mood swings


What should you do?


  1.   1. Hydrate well with clean water and minerals
  2.   2. Try to understand the cause of your symptoms and know that they are part of the process of removing toxins from the body
  3.   3. Minimize external stress as much as possible and give yourself a break
  4.   4. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and take naps! Your body and liver do a LOT of their clean up at night, so if you aren’t sleeping that could be a big cause of your symptoms.
  5.   5. Take an epsom salt bath to calm your nervous system and calm down your detox reaction
  6.   6. Drink warm lemon water with sea salt


Here are some additional steps you can take if you need more immediate relief:


  1.   1. Take a good quality binder 
  2.   2. Use a dry brush to support your lymphatic system
  3.   3. Jump in your sauna to speed up the toxins leaving your body(just don’t overdo it or it can cause more fatigue)
  4.   4. Gently move your body (walking, gentle yoga, tai chi)
  5.   5. Back down on the herbal supplements if you are really struggling. Go to ½ the dosage and see if your symptoms lessen.


Feel free to reach out to our detox experts and IHP team at equilife@therasage.com with questions!


Happy detoxing!


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