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Here are a bunch of FAQs you might find helpful!


If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can reach out to our Equilife support team at equilife@therasage.com.


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What is the Dr. Cabral Detox?


The Dr. Cabral Detox is a functional medicine detoxification system that allows the body to gently eliminate toxins and rebalance the body at a cellular level. You can perform this detox for 7, 14, 21 days. The shakes and supplements that are included, can help provide weight loss, anti-aging, and wellness benefits while supporting Phase 1 & 2 liver detoxification.


What are the benefits of the Dr. Cabral Detox?


This particular system has been shown to help remove toxins that can cause issues like bloating, dry skin, brain fog, hormone imbalances, weight gain, mood disorders, and many more symptoms. Many have marked improvement in how they feel overall once the detox is complete. The list of benefits is long and different for everyone depending on their current toxic load, lifestyle, etc.  


Here are a few of the benefits others have experienced:


  •   - Sustained and healthy weight loss
  •   - Increased energy
  •   - Restored vital nutrient deficiencies
  •   - A calmer nervous system
  •   - Better + deeper sleep
  •   - Clearer thinking
  •   - Improved digestion
  •   - Decreased bloating
  •   - Clearer skin
  •   - Boosted mood
  •   - A faster metabolism


Can I sauna during the detox?


YES! We actually encourage you to do so as it will speed up detoxification and make your detox experience more successful…but not during the fasting days. During the fasting days you want to let your body rest and focus on cleaning and healing.  


Is there anything I should do to prepare for the detox?


We’ve put together a blog outlining several ways you can prepare your body and get the most out of your detox. You can find it here.


Will this detox help me lose weight?


This is a great way to reset or jumpstart a weight loss journey, however, anyone can benefit from the detox regardless of weight loss goals. The amount of weight loss is different for everyone depending on your toxic load and length of detox, but it is very common to lose between 5-20 pounds.


What if I don’t want to lose weight?


If you aren’t trying to lose weight you can add a cup of blueberries into smoothies on days 3-7, and more sweet potato to your meals. You can also consider skipping the fasting days if you REALLY don’t want to lose weight, but keep in mind the fasting days provide some of the largest benefits.


Does the Dr. Cabral detox come with meals or do I need to do additional food shopping?


The detox comes with enough Daily Nutritional Support powder for your breakfast and afternoon shakes(as well as your fasting days). There is also a food shopping guide in the detox kit. You do need to purchase lunch and dinner food items except on the fasting days.  


BUT, most people end up saving money during their detox as you should not be eating out.


Do you have recipe suggestions?


YES! We’ve compiled a lot of yummy recipe ideas for you! You can find them here!


What if this detox doesn’t work for me?


Even if you don’t feel drastically different at first, you are reducing your toxic burden with every shake, supplement, and clean meal. We all have toxins and some people can release them faster than others. But everyone can benefit from doing a functional medicine detox.


I’m a little nervous, what can I expect to experience?


We get it, if this is your first time detoxing it can be a little daunting! We wanted to prepare you as much as possible for what to expect…you can read all about that here!


Can I drink coffee during the detox?


Caffeine is not recommended for best results so we recommend weining off coffee the week before starting. If you discontinue drinking coffee when you start the detox, you may experience withdrawal symptoms that you will think are the detox. In fact they are from coffee withdrawal! Commonly this causes headaches.


If you do drink coffee, try and keep it at 6 oz of black mold free coffee before noon.


Does the Dr. Cabral detox cater to someone with dietary restrictions?


Yes, the detox is non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, and Soy-Free. If you have specific questions email equilife@therasage.com for specific questions.


For the meals, you build them around your dietary restrictions, and just make sure to check the ingredients in the DNS shake and the other two supplements.


Does the Daily Nutritional Support (DNS) break a fasting state?


The DNS powder contains 15 grams of protein and will break a fasting state for most people. During the fasting days, you are only having 1 scoop 4 times per day, which only has 7.5 grams per shake. You can check using a glucometer. If your blood sugar remains below 95, you are still in a fasting state.


This will be my first detox, how do I know that 21 days is right for me?


We recommend doing the 21-day detox if this is your first time. It’s an incredible reset and way to empty out a lifetime of toxic build-up. You will still benefit from a 7 or 14-day, but 21 days is definitely optimal!  


If I have issues fasting, can I still do the detox?


You can add spinach and blueberries to your smoothies if you aren’t looking for weight loss. If you need to eat during the first two days, you can follow the guidelines for days 3-7.


I’m in the middle of the detox and feeling AMAZING! How do I maintain these results?


This is not surprising :) and we’re SOO happy to hear you’re experiencing such great results! We put together a full guide to help you keep the momentum and build on what you’re experiencing!


What do I do if I miss a shake or capsules?


You don’t have to be perfect during the detox. If you miss anything, just continue on as the detox is outlined… no need to overcompensate with extras. The goal is to increase hydration, improve cellular nutrition, and optimize liver detoxification, not to stress.


What if my schedule doesn’t allow me to follow the time guidelines that are suggested?


While the detox schedule was carefully laid out in order to maximize results, you can modify it to fit your schedule. We recommend not having your first shake earlier than 6 am and drinking the remaining shakes 3.5-4 hours apart. Continue to stick to the approved foods the best you can and make sure to food prep to set yourself up for success.


Who can do this detox?


Most can complete this detox, but we recommend consulting your health practitioner first if:

  •   - You are under the age of 18
  •   - Pregnant or Lactating
  •   - Have diseases of the liver or kidneys
  •   - Gallbladder conditions
  •   - Appendicitis
  •   - Eating disorders
  •   - Type 1 diabetes
  •   - If you’re on medications that are contraindicated with any of the ingredients in the detox shakes or supplements.


Do I continue on my prescribed medication while doing this detox?

We recommend confirming with your healthcare practitioner to ensure that your medications are not contraindicated with any ingredients in the shake and supplements. Stay on all prescribed medications while on the detox.


What else can I drink while on this detox?


You may drink unsweetened and caffeine-free herbal tea (like ginger tea). You can also consume 6 ounces of black coffee in the morning if you need it. We recommend avoiding coconut water or beverages with natural or added super to help limit the cravings.


Clean water is your best friend! You can use our TheraH20 pitcher to ensure you’re drinking clean energizing water!


Is exercising during this detox recommended?


It is not recommended to exercise on the fasting days but it is fine on the meal days. However, be mindful of how you feel and take it easy if you need to. The main purpose of the detox is to provide the body with the nutrients it needs to support your system in clearing toxins, but also to rest and rejuvenate.


Am I still able to do this detox if I cannot swallow pills?


Yes, you can break open the capsules and mix them into your shakes.


I am experiencing bloating while on the detox, what do I do/is this normal?


This is typically a sign of weak digestion. If this occurs, drink your shake slowly over an hour time period.


Can children do this detox?


Children are not recommended to complete this detox, but there are many ways to nutritionally support them. They can drink the Daily Nutritional Support shakes, one scoop instead of two, and they can also enjoy healthy food choices with you.


When I cut out sugar I become weak and tired and usually cannot get very far. I feel like I might pass out. Do you have suggestions to get through this?


It is best to speak with your healthcare practitioner to see if this is the right time for you. If you are planning to do the detox, you may want to omit the fasting days. It could also be helpful to make sure you are getting minerals and electrolytes to stay hydrated and support the adrenal system. You can use lemon or lime and sea salt, or find a clean electrolyte mix.


Did we answer your questions?


Are you ready to reset and jumpstart your healing? You can order your detox here!


Please reach out to equilife@therasage.com for any other questions that you have!


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