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Congratulations on making the decision to empty your body of years of built-up toxins and kickstart your health!


Here are some simple ways to prepare yourself and your loved ones for detoxing and ensure you have the best experience and results possible:


Step 1:  Order your 7,14, or 21-day detox here if you haven’t already.


Step 2: Prepare your mind, body, family, and kitchen for success!


Prepare Your Mind:


  1.   1. Mindset is very important to ensuring success! BELIEVE that you can do this and you will!
  2.   2. Understand your WHY for completing this detox. WHY do you want to feel better? Write a list and reference it every single day!


Prepare Your Body:


  1.   1. Make sure your bowels are moving to ensure toxins are successfully leaving your body through the colon. You want to aim for 2 bowel movements a day. You can add a warm morning lemon + salt water to stimulate peristalsis, abdominal massage, magnesium citrate, dry brushing, increasing your intake of fibers, add coffee enemas to your routine, etc.
  2.   2. Open up your liver bile ducts with warm lemon water, dandelion or milk thistle tea, or a coffee enema.
  3.   3. Start weaning off of caffeine 1-2 weeks prior to starting the detox. Many people can experience caffeine withdrawal symptoms.
  4.   4. Consider purchasing a binder to take during the detox(not required). Binders will bind up toxins and safely remove them from the body, this can help decrease any detox symptoms you may experience.
  5.   5. Move your lymph through dry brushing, rebounding, and exercise!  
  6.   6. Ensure you have a way to sweat, and use your sauna up to and throughout the detox(other than during fasting)


Prepare Your Family:


  1.   1. Support from those you live with is very important! Make sure they understand WHY you are doing this!
  2.   2. You won’t be eating out. Make sure they know you’ll be focusing on home-cooked meals.
  3.   3. Detoxing WITH family members is the best way to do it! That way you can all eat the same things!
  4.   4. Let them know when you’ll be fasting and that you might experience some mood swings as your body resets.
  5.   5. Ask for grace and space to focus on your self-care.


Prepare Your Kitchen:


  1.   1. Clean out your pantry/fridge. Here is the approved food list during the detox (one is also included in your detox kit).
  2.   2. Check out these awesome recipes for some inspiration, just make sure to follow the approved food item list from above.


If you follow this guide and prepare yourself, your family, and your kitchen, you will have a great experience!


Here is another resource we put together explaining what you can expect DURING your detox, what to do if you experience symptoms, and how to really maximize this reset!


You can also check out our Detox FAQ page for lots of commonly asked detox questions, and don’t forget to order your detox here if you haven’t yet!


If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, we are here for you! Email us at


We have a group of IHPs ready to answer your questions and support you through this process!



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