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Don’t Just Do Something: Sit There!

Don’t Just Do Something: Sit There!

It's Thanksgiving week here in the USA. So, let's talk about taking a minute – or 30 – being grateful for all the blessings in our lives.

A Busy Week

“Don’t just sit there: do something!” We’ve all heard it – and probably said it – more than once. We’re caught up in the hustle and demands of daily life, and we see a family member or friend “just sitting there” while we’re seemingly "doing everything." And, there's certainly plenty of work involved in preparing the classic Thanksgiving dinner!

Well, we think there are times that call for the inversion of that saying. Following on the heals of our discussion of mindfulness in our last post, we thought it would be good to talk about everything that's happening during a 20 to 30 minute session in our Thera360 . . . time when you're "just sitting there."

Again, such moments of "doing nothing" are a perfect occasion for practicing deep, heartfelt gratitude. Many of us might be surprised just how many blessings can be counted in the space of 30 minutes!

Effortless Fitness

Let’s face it: so many of us shy away from chasing our fitness goals because of the effort involved: drive to the gym, do the workouts, drive home, etc. Yet, a sauna session calls for nothing more than “just sitting there” . . . and sweating.

So, exactly what’s going on inside us while we’re inside the Thera360?


When we sit in the sauna, our blood flows more freely. That's because infrared frequencies support improved circulation. As the body’s core temperature gently rises, capillaries dilate, increasing the flow of blood throughout the system, especially in the extremities. And, with improved circulation comes greater oxygenation and nutrition for our entire body.


Infrared is the best natural detox!! Sitting in the sauna helps us get rid of toxins. Again, this is an effect of infrared frequencies that mobilize the toxins in our organs. These toxins are eliminated through our sweat (along with urine and feces).   
So, the sweat that results from a sauna session is actually toxic, which explains the importance of absorbing it off our skin (sitting in a towel, or robe, or simply using a wash clot and wiping it off our skin while in the sauna) to avoid re-absorbtion prior to actually showering it off.


The infrared heat of a sauna session helps our immune system. As the sauna temperature gradually rises to its determined setting, it gently raises the body’s own core temperature, resulting in an artificially induced mild fever, in addition to ozygenation of the blood which pathogens cannot abide, so they either leave or die. Regular sauna use enhances your immunity and is a great, natural way to keep from getting sick in the first place.

Pain Relief

One of the ways the body manages pain is to send extra fluid to surround and immobilize the injured area. This edema allows the body to assess the seriousness of the injury. It tries to fix the damage caused by an acute one, but if this is not possible, then the situation becomes chronic. By improving circulation, infrared frequencies enable the delivery of more oxygenated blood. This allows for the gradual evacuation of the edema, which has been putting pressure on the nerves, resulting in pain. Less pressure, less pain!

Weight Loss

As we approach the winter holidays, we tend to become more concerned about weight loss and management. However, when most people say "weight loss," they really mean "fat loss." After all, no one wants to lose either muscle mass or bone density. Although some water weight is lost through sweat, real fat loss is the product of improved metabolic flow: that is, the burning of calories. Again, infrared frequencies enhance the flow of blood, with various degrees of vasodilation at both the micro (capillary) and macro levels (veins and arteries). This increased blood flow results in increased metabolic rate, hence more calories burned. Also, fat cells are filled with toxins, which are eliminated with infrared frequency. As the toxins are eliminated form the fat cells, the fat cells shrink. A lower toxic burden usually results in a more alkalinized body, too, since toxins are generally acidic.

So Much For So Little

There are so many benefits to infrared heat and frequencies that we can't possibly fit them all into one blogpost. So, look for a continued discussion in future posts. (Hint: infrared has even been shown to support recovery from hangovers!)

Again, all these benefits require nothing more than our willingness to just sit there. But, if that is too much for some of our more activity-driven readers, then they can spend their time in the sauna reading a book, working on their laptop, texting, or chatting on the phone! After all, our bodies know how to circulate, detoxify, and immunize all on their own.

So, take advantage of our storewide pre-Thanksgiving Day sale and order your own Thera360 today! Enter the promo code TURKEY at checkout to receive 10% off your order! This offer is valid now through midnight Cyber Monday.

You won’t believe how good it feels to “just sit there” in the radiance of infrared heat.


The Therasage Team

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