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012 – Awareness and Education

012 – Awareness and Education

Dear friends of Therasage,

Did you know that eight out of ten persons are misdiagnosed? Let’s face it: if your doctor barely has time to talk with you – to hear what you have to say about your situation – then it’s no surprise that the wrong questions get asked or no questions at all. And, if your doctor doesn’t ask the right question, then how does he or she expect to give you the right solution to your problem?

There is tragic truth here. People become defined by their diagnoses, whether or not they are accurate. And, misdiagnosis leads to mistreatment along with a cascading host of collateral damage.

So, how do we solve this problem?

The Therasage Mission 

As we explained in our last post, our goal at Therasage is to educate, to elevate awareness, to give tools, and to define variables within each one’s criteria and offering the appropriate real solutions. 

Let’s look more closely at the first pair we just mentioned: education and awareness. 


Awareness is more intuitive than reasoned. It’s about seeing – and, especially, feeling – things  without necessarily being able to define them. It’s about learning to listen to your body and really hear what it’s saying. It's about honest with oneself and the information you are attaining and learning to understand the primal language of the body and nature.

Primal Questions

A good way to develop this skill is to ask yourself the primal questions, knowing that you have the answers to those questions already within you. For example, 

  • How do I feel?
  • How am I sleeping?
  • How am I eating?
  • How am I drinking?
  • How am I digesting/eliminating?
  • How am I socializing?

On the topic of nutrition, we can only mention here the importance of centering the diet upon so-called ‘origin foods.’ Here, our ancestors almost universally understood the importance of maintaining a close connection with the earth and seeking foods that were fresh. The challenge today is finding these traditional foods amid their processed and even tainted competitors. 


Building upon intuitive awarenss is education. Getting the right education is made more difficult by the fact that we are quite simply over-saturated with both information and its counterfeit, disinformation. The truth is out there, however, waiting to be found and assimilated. And, resources like this very blogsite exist precisely to disseminate accurate information for those seeking it. 

The Importance of Perspective 

This having been said, and without discounting the importance of good health education, people need to focus on they feel. Health is not a diagnosis of disease to be cured; it’s a function of living symptom-free and purposefully. Even those who limp still walk! 

Remember, the ultimate goal here is patient self-accountability. After all, no one – short of your own parents or caregivers – is ever going to be more interested and invested in your health and wellness than you are. So, get and stay invested! 

The Therasage Team

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  • Melody Besner
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