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Blogpost 011 – Navigating the Deep Lyme Sea

Blogpost 011 – Navigating the Deep Lyme Sea

Dear friends of Therasage, 

As many of you know, Therasage was born out of painful personal experience. While still in her teens, our late daughter Julia began exhibiting perplexing symptoms of illness. We did all we could to help her, both in managing those symptoms and in searching for a cure. Though taken in her prime, her brave and resilient soul continues to inspire us. 

In fact, our efforts to assist her during her life are what led to the birth of Therasage. Through it, we have realized our life pursuit to support and help suffering persons and their families deal with their own challenges. So, Therasage was truly born from the heart, and it is from the heart that we contiually strive to build our business.


Determine the Cause 

Today, there are a variety of clinical tests for determining whether or not a person’s symptoms are of Lyme infection. Some look for the immune response of the affected person. Others, for the active presence of the pathogen suspected as the cause of such immunological reactions. Both kinds of testing modality have their value, depending on individual circumstances.


Tailor the Treatment 

That having been said, it is precisely on those personal circumstances that we here wish to focus our attention. Lyme affects everyone differently, and that effect can shift and change on a monthy and even a daily basis. In this regard, our attitude is simple: “Whatever it takes.” We’re about getting real results by getting personal with health challenges. And, sometimes, the solution is less an outright cure than a way of effectively managing symptoms, in such a way that a person’s life can go on without too much disruption.


Two Divergent Roads 

The prevailing, standard Western approach to medicine is very static. A patient has a symptom, takes a pill, and the symptom goes away. The catch phrase of this model might be “Doctor, what should I do?” This reflects all too accurately the fear-based environment in which we find ourselves.

However, genuine health – which is much more than the mere absence of disease – is fluid: a constantly changing landscape. Accordingly, a more accurate question might be “How do I feel?” “What do I think is going on?”


The Therasage Mission 

Our goal is to educate, to elevate awareness, to give tools, and to define variables within each one’s criteria. The ultimate goal is to help make persons more accountable for their own health and wellness: in short, to become their own advocate. More strongly: the best medicine for anyone’s healthcare is to give them the education and tools necessary for them to be their own doctor.

Loosely quoting Hippocrates: “If you listen to a patient long enough, they’ll tell what their disease is; if you listen longer, they’ll tell you what the cure is.”

Wrong questions get wrong answers, which result in wrong diagnoses. So, let’s learn to ask the right questions, without fear, and confident in our ability to find the answers we seek!

 From our heart to yours... Happy Mother’s Day!!

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The Therasage Team

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