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Blogpost 016 – Detoxifying a Toxic World

Blogpost 016 – Detoxifying a Toxic World
Dear friends of Therasage,

Toxins. They’re all around us. Some are within our control to reduce or eliminate... others, often called “environmental toxins,” are not so easy to manage. Not only are there toxins in our food and water, but also environmental toxins, electromagnetic fields or E-Smog, along with toxins in the air we breath.

With all the health related challenges we have around us, it’s important to listen, learn, open our eyes and take accurate stock of our lives. This enables separating the things that are within our “circle of influence” (to quote the late Stephen Covey) from those that are not. There’s no point in agonizing over what we can’t control. Doing so just adds an additional toxic event in our lives (stress) and empties our reserves for handling what we can control.

The best approach is to take action. What does this mean? Well, for starters, do your best to eliminate the toxic elements in your homes and workplaces.

Some areas to consider are …check for mold, your air quality, placement of the smart meter, make an effort to turn off your bluetooth devices and disconnect your wi fi at night, if you have your phone near your bed, put it on airplane mode if possible. Also look to reduce toxins in your household cleansers and detergents, personal care products, try to eat organic, avoid processed foods and avoid drinking contaminated water.

It is always a good idea to consider a plan to detoxify your body! Infrared sauna is known as one of the best natural ways to detoxify!!! Of course, our Therasage Thera360 portable sauna, offering all the benefits of the suns natural healing energy, with negative ions, grounding and no exposure to EMF’s is our favorite way to stay healthy, or help you regain your health! The gentle heat slowly raises the core body temperature, resulting in the gradual elimination of many toxins, including heavy metals. For more details on this aspect of our products, see our previous posts, Infrared Heat and Heavy Metal Detoxification: Part One and Infrared Heat and Heavy Metal Detoxification: Part Two.

Be sure to contact us directly for additional information!


The Therasage Team

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  • Melody Besner
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