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015 – Art Imitates Nature

015 – Art Imitates Nature

Dear friends of Therasage,

Some of you may be wondering why we emphasize the “full infrared” aspect of our health devices.

This is a great question, and it deserves a full answer. Here we go!

Nature and Ancient Cultures

Philosophically, one of the rudimentary pillars of our device development comes from the study of ancient cultures and, more importantly, nature. After all, art imitates nature. And, health technology is a practical art form.

Unfortunately, as far as we’ve advanced technically, we’ve also departed greatly from the way nature intended us to be.

That disconnect from nature may help us understand why current conventional Western health trends are out of control. This is partly because Western thinking, at least from the time of Réne Descartes in the 18th century, tends to compartmentalize everything. This kind of thinking fails to draw a clear line between distinction and separation, and doesn’t allow room for many of the enhancements given to us by nature.

In fact, it is jokingly said of classical Cartesian philosophers that they would cut up a live bunny rabbit to see how its heart relates to its lungs. On the contrary, classical philosophy distinguishes in order to unite, not to separate. After all, theory is one thing, reality another: a constantly shifting landscape of change and recombination of variables.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

A perfect example of this is the electromagnetic spectrum, responsible for all light and sound. And, full spectrum infrared is just one component of the full range of the electromagnetic frequencies that all life on earth receives from sun energy.

In fact, the infrared spectrum is considered by many modern health experts to be the most beneficial component of sun energy. For example, full spectrum infrared is responsible for heating 82% of the earth’s surface. Albert Einstein studied the positive effects of Sun energy on al living plants and animals and reflected that without these nurturing and healing frequencies life would not exist on this planet as we know it. If you think of late afternoon sunshine and how it makes you feel, then you have a good idea how powerful of this part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

In fact, every living thing – including humans, animals, and plants – benefits at a necessary and foundational level from full spectrum infrared frequencies, in one way or another.

Direct and Indirect Infrared

There actually are two ways of receiving full spectrum infrared energy. The first is by direct exposure to late afternoon sunshine. The second is an indirect way: as reflecting off the members of the plant and animal kingdoms around you.

Imagine the following example. It’s the dead of winter, So, you are already feeling the affects of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). You take your dog for a walk and bundle up in three layers of clothing and you go outdoors. The overhead sun is a pale disc in the western sky, seemingly giving light without also providing heat. After the walk, you return to the house, and your dog jumps on your lap for a cuddle. You receive not only its unconditional love but also the infrared frequency it received while outdoors. And, you suddenly feel much less “SAD”!

So, humans and all other living things absorb all the energies from the sun that we need. We then release the excess to our environment, for the benefit of life around us. What a wondrous example of the inter-connectedness of all life!

Our Saunas and Heating Pads

Here’s the bottom line. The reason our approach to device development is full spectrum is because that’s the way nature delivers it to us, via the sun. We attempt to emulate nature in every way. Even in winter you can get the many benefits of full spectrum infrared energy by using our saunas and heating pads.

That’s why we don’t even think of choosing between near, middle, or far infrared, because all three frequencies come together as one by nature (distinct but united), providing specific health benefits as well as a synergistic effect. If one is absent, or if delivery is imbalanced, then the full health benefit we should be receiving will be diminished.

Surely, there are sometimes reasons for someone to need a little more far frequency than near, defined by that person’s symptoms. Acute treatment might need more near infrared, but full spectrum is the best way both for maintenance of optimal health and treatment of chronic conditions.

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The Therasage Team

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