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010 – How Infrared Heat Optimizes Blood Circulation

010 – How Infrared Heat Optimizes Blood Circulation

Infrared heat is a powerful tool for optimizing blood circulation and, as a result, oxygenation.

All heat transfer is by either convection, conduction, or infrared radiation. Infrared heat is part of the electromagnetic light spectrum, much of which is invisible to the human eye. In the case of infrared, it is located just beyond (infra) the red end of the visible spectrum. Think “late afternoon sunlight,” and you have a good idea of how infrared heat makes us feel.

Optimized Blood Circulation

One of the many benefits of infrared heat is that it optimizes blood circulation. The explanation is fairly straightforward.

Heat promotes relaxation. We’ve all experienced this after sitting or lying in warm sunshine for a few minutes. Sometimes, we get so relaxed we even fall asleep.


Well, as the warmed blood vessels expand, the smooth muscles around them relax and widen. We call this phenomenon “vasodilation.” This especially occurs in our large veins (venodilators), large arteries, and smaller arterioles and capillaries. This increase in the internal diameter of vessels allows for increased blood flow.

Vasodilation is the contrary of vasoconstriction. The classic headache is often the result of excessive vasoconstriction, hence the characteristic massaging of the temples in an effort to obtain relief.


In addiion to increased cellular oxygenation, greater blood flow usually also results in decreased diastolic blood pressure. Other benefits of improved circulation include promotion of cellular growth, improved organ functioning, brain maintenance, and skin rejuvenation. 

Also, improved circulation means an increase the body’s metabolism, which will expose more of this nutrient and oxygen-rich blood to the organs and other tissues of the body. In turn, there will be a higher absorption of the nutrients in the blood into the surrounding tissues.  

Now, we’d call those some really significant perks! 

So, infrared heat plays an important part in improving both the circulation and the oxygenation of our blood. This can be accomplished by prudently spending time in the sun, but it can be greatly simplified by sitting in an infrared sauna, eliminating the risk of excess UV skin exposure. 

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