014 – Subtle Medicine

014 – Subtle Medicine

Dear friends of Therasage,

The last three posts have discussed the various goals of Therasage. After so much theory, we thought it would be a good idea to provide an example of how awareness, knowledge, variable definition, and tool selection all come together in practice for a given individual. Let’s call him ‘John.’

John is Aware

John has developed an infection, manifested by symptoms of the common cold and, possibly, the flu: a persistent headache, upper respiratory congestion, and achy muscles. John is aware of how he feels and can accurately describe his symptoms.

John’s Got Knowledge

John read our blogpost about hyperthermia, so he’s got some basic knowledge of how it works therapeutically and what it can do for him. He also knows that pathogens dislike heat, and that deliberate provocation of a mild temperature elevation (i.e., low fever) is an effective way of killing the microbes that are causing his malaise. John confers with his general practitioner, who is knowledgable regarding infrared therapy. He confirms John’s self-diagnosis and intended tool selection/treatment protocol. This is the acquisition of knowledge, by means of both study and consultation.

John’s Variables Get Defined

John calls Therasage and speaks with Robby, reminding him that he purchased a Therasage portable sauna last year, which he uses from time to time. (Bravo, John!) After reviewing with John the general safety principles of responsible sauna use (i.e., start gradually regarding both temperature and time length, drink plenty of water both before and after, and finish with a warm, soapy shower), Robby explains to John that the optimal time of day to sit in the sauna is in the morning, so the infrared heat can fire up John’s mitochondria. However, his work schedule doesn’t allow for this, and he’s not ill enough to take sick leave. This is variable definition.

John’s Tools Get Selected

So, Robby explains to John that some daily sauna, whenever possible, is better than none at all. He encourages him to spend from 20 to 30 minutes in the sauna in the evening, right after work, again reminding him to judge for himself his own heat threshold and to be mindful of how he feels. Also, using the sauna a few hours before going to bed will give John’s body time to cool back down so his sleep won’t be disturbed. This is proper tool selection and application, tailored to the particular needs of the individual person.

The Moral of the Story

In health, one size does not fit all. For this very reason, we at Therasage do not include specific protocols with our products. Rather, we limit ourselves to providing guidelines for safe and generally effective use, leaving the subtlety and individualization that are the hallmarks of optimal healthcare to our clients’ licensed professional health providers, with whom Therasage integrates applied health sciences using infrared therapy. The result is something along the lines of a finely tailored suit, which really only fits the person for whom it was designed. After all, each one of us is unique. So, let’s honor ourselves with the healthcare we deserve: a manicured healthcare designed to address each one of us and our individual needs.


The Therasage Team

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