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The Amazing Healing Properties of Negative Ions

The Amazing Healing Properties of Negative Ions

Have you ever wondered why stepping outside and getting a breath of fresh air can actually help improve your mood? The greatest reason for this is because of negative ions, which are oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron. Nature creates them as a byproduct from the effects of the sun, air, water and the Earth's natural radiation. Negative ions are especially prevalent around running water such as streams, lakes and the ocean, which is why being near bodies of water is so appealing and healing for humans. As a child, I experienced debilitating allergies in Texas and I often wondered why taking a shower helped me so much. My intuitive self that was so resilient, like YOURS is, just knew innately what would assist my health.

As I teach my health participants about ways to epigenetically improve resilience, I include the concept of negative ions. The power of negative ions goes far beyond just giving you higher levels of oxygen to boost your health. The negative ions actually attach themselves to germs, mold and other allergens, making them heavy so that they leave the air stream and you no longer have to breathe them in anymore. Enclosed spaces like offices, airplanes and even your home are significantly lacking in negative ions and are high in allergens, which is why you feel worse after being stuck inside all day! It's not merely psychological; you're actually breathing in toxins at a much higher level inside a building. This fact also explains why you're more likely to get sick when you work in an office or fly somewhere.

A ton of research came out recently about the wide variety of health benefits related to negative ions. Studies show that exposure to negative ions helps decrease depression, aggression, irritability and anxiety. It can also reduce addictive tendencies and improve both breathing and lung health, which relates directly back to the fact that negative ions help to clear the air of toxins. Negative-ion related treatments can even be successful in Alzheimer prevention. For these reasons, I often include negative ion producing, Infrared Saunas into my protocols for my health participants at Well Centered Wellness in Apex, North Carolina.

For a famous example of negative-ion healing through minerals and earth radiation, consider the village in China whose surroundings are exceptionally high with tourmaline, a mineral known to assist release of high numbers of negative ions. This village currently has the highest concentrations of centenarians, with a total of 81 -- roughly five times the proportion of long-lived citizens in China's average population. It has become such a phenomenon that the town has turned into a tourist attraction. People also travel to this town to spend short periods of time there to recover from illness and disease. The people believe that this place's geomagnetism and negatively charged ions are the cause of the amazing health and longevity of the residents. They experience constant epigenetic detoxification, allowing them to reach the apex of human potential. Turns out that another mineral that releases these wonderful negative ions is Jade! The healing properties of Jade have been known for centuries in Asian cultures. I love my Jade Infrared Healing Pad from Therasage, and please let me know if you do as well!

Infrared technology can produce similar series of effects. Part of a category of healing known as "thermotherapy," the infrared can increase blood circulation, relieve muscle and joint pain, reduce stress, minimize fatigue and remove toxins. Thermotherapy works by applying therapeutic heat to the body to increase tissue temperature. This process increases blood flow, which facilitates healing by distributing oxygen throughout the body. The in infrared frequencies can produce amazing results very similar to those of negative ions by supporting the body with accelerated oxygen flow and assist the repairing abilities of the body through the protein folding processes within the DNA. I simply love that you can now bring this healing tool to your home.

The more we learn about negatively charged ions, the more wonderful health benefits we discover. By eliminating toxins and allergens, negative ions can assist your body in actively protecting yourself against disease. So in short, get outside! Spend an hour in the woods. Make time for walks on the beach. And when you are in consistent need of this healing modality, check out home FULL SPECTRUM Infrared personal saunas or Infrared Healing Pads. Not all home sauna units are the same by the way, and taking the time to research the EMF output, the inclusion of near, middle and far infrared technology is key in experiencing the most healing benefits of the positive vibes from the amazing power of negative ions. Here's to your epigenetic resilience! I know you are up to the challenge of healing at a cellular level and emptying your "bucket" faster than it is filling up each day :)

Be Resilient. Be brilliant. Be You!

-Dr. Puja

Dr. Puja Wentworth, DC, PSc.D<br />Epigenetic-Based Nutrition and Detoxification Specialist and Chief Medical Director for Therasage Infrared Technologies.<br />You Can Be Empowered To Increase Them in Your own home













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