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"The Most Out Of Your Day"


Dear friends of Therasage, 

It's that resolution time of year again! Many of us are recovering from holiday food and drink indulgences, which explains why "eating healthier" and "losing weight" are typical New Year's resolutions for lots of us. And, given current statistics on nutritional deficiency and obesity, we'd all do well to at least keep these biomarkers in mind as we begin 2019. Just remember that "weight loss" should really be "fat loss," as there's no benefit in losing either muscle tone or bone density! 

"Get Outdoors!"

Too many of us spend our day sitting at a desk. This is doubly detrimental to health: 1) sitting instead of standing, and 2) indoors, under artificial light, breathing stale air. Again, the simple remedy to this is to take a break and walk outside. Your hip flexors, your lungs, and even your eyes will thank you for even the shortest time in the sun and fresh air.





Do a little something every day for yourself.

After all, one good habit usually leads to another! The longest journey begins with the first step. So, let's get going! Here's wishing one and all a happy and healthy New Year!

Team Therasage


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