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Interview With Chase Chewning - Sauna, Red Light and Infrared Therapy and The Most Effective Ways to Regenerate Skin, Repair Muscle Tissue, and Reset Your Innate Biological Healing Powers

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Join Chase Chewning and Robby Besner, PsyD, as they explore the transformative power of aligning our modern health practices with ancient wisdom. They discuss how embracing the rhythms of nature and the energy of the sun can revitalize our innate healing systems. From the dangers of the quick-fix mentality to the benefits of full-spectrum infrared therapy, this episode is a deep exploration of well-being through the lens of time-honored traditions and the latest in therapeutic technology.

Prepare to learn about the profound impact of light therapy, as they highlight the immediate gratification that comes with the natural healing process ignited by full-spectrum infrared frequencies. Robby shares fascinating insights into how different energy spectrums, like UV and IR light, play contrasting yet complementary roles in our health. They also delve into the personal story of a parent's search for natural remedies for Lyme disease, leading to a profound understanding of detoxification and the body's ability to purge toxins through exposure to specific wavelengths of sunlight.

You will discover how sauna experiences can be elevated with holistic therapies, and why hydration plays a crucial role in your detox regimen. They wrap up with strategies for fostering resilience against modern stressors and learn how practices like breathwork, meditation, and gratitude can shift you from anxiety to a state of calm.

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In this episode they discuss...

(13:58) Red Light Therapy Protocols and Effects

(19:14) Detoxifying in a Toxic World

(26:27) Optimal Timing for Red Light Therapy

(31:53) Health Benefits of Red Light Therapy

(35:44) Chronic Pain Management With Infrared Pad

(44:09) Benefits of Infrared Sauna for Health

(48:14) Enhancing Bioavailability Through Toxin Binding

(51:19) Toxin Removal and Symptom Relief

(58:23) Benefits of Raising Core Temperature

(01:06:33) Light Energy and Cell Energy Impact



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