Thera360 Plus Personal Infrared Sauna... Like No Other!! ... 30 Day Money Back Guarantee & 2 Year Extended Warranty!!



"This is my greatest biohack. I do this every night, without fail. I sit in it for an hour - I love it.....

This is one of the things that has changed my life. I don't feel right unless if I have had my sauna before I go to bed..."

"I am such a fan."


- Elle Macpherson




Hi to all,


Not sure if Mel will remember me, but want to say thank you for helping me with my sauna and other products. More importantly - THANK YOU for sponsoring the recent Body Electric series. I have recommended your products and benefited, so glad to see some good things coming your way. I hope that this brings you a ton of business and your success continues to grow.


Since having gadolinium toxicity, it has not been an easy road but with folks like you things will continue to be headed in the right direction.


May God continue to bless you and your family.


Marjorie C



Hello Therasage Team


The Sauna arrived yesterday, 17.June. Wow! Only 6 days! It was all super smooth, great job! I only had to pay tax fees of 160 Euro, all else had been sorted by you guys (with previous orders in the US I had to fill in customs forms, provide invoices etc).


The sauna is really easy to set up and many many thanks for the present! :-D I had been planning to get a second diffuser for a while, now this is no longer necessary.


Looking forward to using the sauna - although, currently we have a heat wave in Germany with 93 F all day, so we're all sweating away anyway... (aircons are not that common in Germany).


Many tanks, I can highly recommend you guys and have already done so. Lovely chats when I called about information, great service with the order and super fast delivery! 6 stars out of 5 ;-)


"Sweaty" greetings from Germany, JULIA



Thank you so incredibly much! Therasage’s customer service and support has been like no other since I’ve purchased products from you! Thank you


Whitney Jo



Hi Melody,


Thank you for helping me last night and I appreciate you taking the time out of your evening. I used the sauna for 50 minutes last night - 140 degrees and last 15 min on 135- it was AWESOME and I feel great - I’ve been doing infrared sauna in West Palm twice a week for 1 hour each time at 135. It’s so nice to do it in the privacy of my own home and watch tv etc. plus it heats up fast - anyway, the design is ingenious and you all thought of everything. Thank you soooooo much!

- Margaret



"I need your infrared. I was religious using your infrared pad two or three times a day....Guess what I don't have? I have no pain.


- Darin Olien



Just wanted to pass along a huge thank you for replacing my panel! You guys are amazing. I also wanted to mention that I had purchased a bio-band and it has done wonders for me. I have had awful leg pain/aches every night for a very long time, coupled with restless leg syndrome and since wearing the bio-band I feel NO pain at night. Nothing! It’s incredible. It’s clearly doing something. Keep up the amazing work you guys!






I am so thrilled with this company and it’s amazing intention to offer such generosity that I want to write a review. Melody was a such a treat to receive help from. My extra gift as a water filter was another great surprise. I have already sent 5 families the interview on this sauna by Jeffery Smith, and hope to convince more. Thanks so much. Now I need to give away my old sauna.





I purchased my heating pad about 1 1/2 years ago and found it to be a life-saver for my back. No matter how much work I do or how much pain it generates... I am able to use my heating pad and the pain is gone. Sometimes I need longer treatments but I use the heating pad at least once a day... I don't start my day without it!!!


Alice H



Dear Therasage Folks,


Hello and Good Day!


I am so glad to take this opportunity to let you know what a pleasure it is to use my new Therasage 360 Plus portable sauna! It is just like what I imagine being in the womb was like! Warm, comfortable, peaceful, nurturing, heavenly! And it is all at my fingertips right here in my own home for use anytime!

Instead of sharing the sauna at our local recreation center plus the time to get there and back, I just pop into my Therasage 360 and I am in the bliss!


I would really like to mention that the customer service is also truly remarkable! I have yet to experience anything like it. I have been in touch on the phone with Therasage CEO Robbie Besner and he is a perfect example of a person who really cares!


He walks the talk. And others at Therasage, with whom I have spoken, do the same. At the bottom of their website, it says, “Remember, do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.” They do that!


I can recommend Therasage without reservation! That means with my whole heart!





Thank you for the tips.


The Thera 360 sauna arrived in great shape, was easy to set up, and easy to use. I have used it a number of days, but need to work my schedule around it better to make use of it daily. However, I can tell the difference already in my ability to focus on tasks and to have better energy levels throughout the day.


Thank you!


- Terri



"You've captured the right wavelengths of light."


"I've tested and tried and bought many saunas over the past 15 years and by far this is the best technology out there. It captures, from a scientific standpoint, everything we're after in terms of detox and improving nitric oxide production....

....You guys provide 100% benefit with no risk. It's a game changer."  


- Dr. Nathan Bryan





Thank you for taking the time to talk with me over the phone. I followed your suggestions about starting slow with the Therasage Sauna and implemented the Vitality drops that you sent me. I can honestly say that my sleep is improving and I am feeling stronger each day. I've been out for several more challenging hikes (5-8 miles) and I'm sleeping better at night (only waking up 2-3 times) and getting close to 7 hours of sleep each night. While my sleep is still not optimal, I am seeing positive changes and am thrilled with those improvements! I've been fighting insomnia for 8 years and this is the first real and consistent progress that I've experienced. Thank you again for talking with me over the phone and helping me along this journey.


- Janet



The results so far have been outstanding and noticeable. I've had the sauna about five weeks, and the most dramatic effects have been reductions in edema, enhancements in vascularity, improved libido, and enhanced recovery from workouts.

I notice edema mainly when I take off dress socks after several hours of use, and my hands/ankles after long flights. After a few weeks of daily sauna use, I noticed that after a night out I took off my socks and while I saw on my skin where the socks had been, there were no indentations. I also am no longer feeling the swelling in the extremities that I typically get on long flights, which is a great feeling.

I don't know whether it's because I've lost fat in general, or whether the sauna practice has removed excess water between my skin and my muscles, but I'm noticing huge improvements in vascularity and the "look" of leanness. I imagine it's a combination of nitric oxide release and general water dumping, but either way it's awesome.
After about three days I noticed remarkable improvements in libido. Frequency of desire, performance after a number of drinks that would typically impact performance, quality of my arousal, and endurance are all much better than they were before I started using the sauna. And all without a pill, haha.

My workouts and gains from my workouts are improved in two ways. The main one is that I can do larger volumes of work, and I can do those volumes with fewer days of rest. Normally I'm limited by a bit of joint pain or tendon soreness if I try to do too much or hit the same body parts too soon after the previous workout. But the sauna helps my joints and tendons heal faster, so I can come back and hit it again sooner, and with greater intensity, which helps my results. Then on the other side, the sauna improves my circulation and helps the inflammation process, which helps the muscles themselves recover and perform better on subsequent workouts. So coupled together, my workouts are better, and I my body has a far better ability to adapt to my workouts by building new muscle, bone, tendon, and ligament tissue.


Thanks again,

Jim Keen



"I want to thank you for making the sauna so easy to set up. I received the box on Wednesday and although I desperately wanted to start detoxing, I thought I'd need my husband's help. On Saturday we opened the box and to my surprise it was super easy! It almost sets itself up! Thank you for not only providing such a quality tool for healing my toxic body, but for also making it so simple that even someone as ill as me can get started within minutes."


- Stephanie F



I have to tell you that my original pad, which still works perfectly, is with my 29 yr old daughter in law Jamie.

She uses the pad all the time, says it helps when she has pain and discomfort. Jamie had difficulty finding someone her age to talk to about it, so she started a blog. When I read her Christmas post, I was humbled by her words of happiness and gratitude.


Your heating pad has definitely made life better for Jamie.


And, since I'm sharing testimony's, my friend M, 67, lives with chronic pain. She is a former cancer patient (15 years in remission) and has had both knees replaced. M lives with back pain, and when she has a flare-up, is down for days. Nothing she's tried has been effective.. I loaned her my pad and shortly thereafter she told me it was a 'life-saver'.


M was one who said.. 'oh I have a heating pad'...but she soon found out what a difference the infrared technology makes.


As a massage therapist and instructor, I am always on the look-out to share what actually helps people.

I'm excited that the school will have their own pad and that the students will have first hand experience.

Thanks again.

Rene K.



I am a very satisfied owner of one of your heating pads. I use it daily for my gallbladder disease pain and menstrual pain. It's the best investment I've ever made.



  1. C. Marsala


"Your new technology - I honestly believe - This will have such a profound impact on those dynamics in the home that are breaking down.

We can detox physically, get the toxins out of the liver, they won't be so angry, there won't be fighting so much...."


"This is the missing key."


- Dr. Simone Laubscher



I have been searching for a while to find a sauna that not only looks good, but IS good. I finally found one that fits the bill. I am always worried about fly-by-night companies that exist somewhere else in Asia and beyond. Therasage actually has an office in the USA that you can call and speak to an actual person. The sauna is very well made--I could tell as soon as I took it out of the box. It was shipped very well, and didn't smell of toxins upon removing it from the box.

I set it up in seconds and turned it on. No crazy off-gassing, no terrible smells--manual is easy to read and understand--obviously written by people with a grasp of the English language! After the 5 minute heat up I got in the sauna. Not uncomfortable in the least. At about minute 17 I was sweating profusely. It continued this way until my time was up and it beeped.

I LOVE this thing! I can fold it up out of the way if I need, it doesn't use too much electricity, doesn't smell, AND I know from watching someone online with an EMF meter that there are no emf's.

All in all, I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this to everyone.


I have had expensive saunas in the past, and this stacks up to them completely, but with no emf's.

The chair is comfortable, the build quality is great. I will use this thing for a long time. Highly recommended.

- Jordan W.



I lost 1 1/2 inch from my waist the first day and another 1 inch on the 2nd day! I'm on my 3rd day and using my belt now as I type this email. I am very excited and will be sharing my Therasage sauna belt results online today :-)


Best Regards,




From two grateful users of Therasage products,


My husband and I purchased a Far Infrared Ray portable heater a few months ago having learned of the health benefits with its use. So I was pleasantly surprised and immediately interested when, while surfing the web, I discovered clothing items for sale that incorporated FIR into their manufacture. The shoulder cover by Therasage

(appearing superior to other brands being advertised) held great promise in bringing relief to the stiff neck my husband was experiencing for quite some time. The pain was even more noticeable while driving as it was necessary to turn his whole upper body to the left or to the right to check traffic. He also frequently experienced a painful shoulder blade after an activity such as shoveling gravel or snow or in an awkward use of his upper arms. We decided to purchase the shoulder cover for him, and after using it for one day, he realized very noticeable relief in his neck---with several days of 24 hour usage he was thrilled to experience pain-free turning of his neck from side to side !! He was astounded to think that this very lightweight adaptation of a "tank top" could bring such marvelous results !! Needless to say, we purchased a second shoulder cover as he was wearing it "around the clock!" We also bought a T-shirt, and I am awaiting the arrival of the waist belt looking forward to accruing health benefits from its use. We have spread the good news to others---especially to family members who are looking forward to great results as well.


With much gratitude to you at Therasage,

Bart & Ruth B



For 10 years I have had chronic muscle tension in my back, shoulders and neck. I use my Therasage Healing Pad regularly to keep the tension at bay and to prevent headaches. It works terrifically for pulled or strained muscles, too. I lay it on my mattress and use it while I read or even sleep. It also helps my muscles absorb pain relief creams. The infrared technology works better than the typical heating pad which does not penetrate as deeply and can be uncomfortable for long periods of time. I recently let a friend borrow the Healing Pad when she sustained a back injury and it helped her so much that she ordered one of her own. The Therasage Healing Pad is a great tool for managing short term and chronic pain.  
Erin M
Tallahassee, Florida



Hiya, Therasage Folks,


I purchased the Therasage FIR Portable Sauna nearly 4 months ago and use it every day. I’m usually in from 45-60 minutes and have found it to be very healing. I ail from Fibromyalgia, as well as, a degenerated spine. The pain has been quite debilitating over the years to where I had to retire from my nursing (R.N.) career.


But, with continued use of the Therasage FIR Sauna, my pain has decreased by upwards of 50-60%! For the 1st time in over 15 years, I’m actually decreasing my pain meds! Needless to say that I am SO encouraged by the results I’ve been experiencing in such a short amount of time.


I made the purchase because of the low EMF output of which I’m extremely sensitive to (and because of it’s affordability.


Thank you,

Ted N

Chicago, Illinois



"I truly, truly, believe with my heart, the infrared sauna that Robby and Melody have developed is such an incredible tool....

I wish I would have had this sooner. I use it every single day and feel the incredible benefits it yields for my body."

"This is the least we can do every single day to support our bodies and help the detoxification process."

- Gaby Piccirilli



I was skeptical of the claims made by infra-red heating pad manufacturers, but I was willing to give it a try after suffering for a year and a half from SEVERE back spasms and debilitating pain. I had even tried the epidural pain injections of steroids to find relief. The limit was 3 in a 6 month period of time... no help. I began physical therapy and they administered electrical stimulation and ultra-sound therapy, while teaching me exercises specific to my condition. It wasn't helping either. At times I could hardly get back into my car... I was in SO much pain. Simple walking was excruciating.

I don't remember how I came to find out about infra-red heat, but I searched to find products, and I ordered a Therasage infra-red heating pad, still wary but confident because a money back guarantee return policy. My heating pad came quickly and I couldn't wait to get started with it. Within 3 days there was a noticeable difference. I couldn't believe the relief I was feeling. THERASAGE calls this pad "the calmer" and for me, it did just that. I haven't had any spasms in months. I can't believe the relief I have found by using infra-red heat. It is a god-send for me. I can't imagine not having this pad. If you suffer from spasms, sciatica, pain of various sorts and/or arthritis, do yourself a favor and get yourself infra-red heat. It's amazing...!!! ( infra-red heat penetrates 10 times deeper than ordinary heat... thereby comes the relief.)


I still use my Healing Pad daily to work out the kinks in my back. I've been using it for close to 2 years now, and honestly, I have NO idea how I ever lived without it! Overtime, I've noticed an amazing difference and true healing, which I thought was NEVER possible.


When I started using the Healing Pad, I was in so much pain, that I used it on a very high heat level for at least 8 hours a day. Over time, your Healing Pad has loosened, untangled and restored my back muscles. I sweat a lot when I use it, and I know that when I'm sweating toxins are exiting my body. Now, I only use the Healing Pad for about 15-30 minutes a day, just to work out kinks from sleeping crooked, and basic maintenance. The Healing Pad has truly HEALED my lower back pain (you can tell my lower back is better by looking at the "Backbend" pic that I attached!), and my overall health has never been so wonderful!


The week of my period, I use the Healing Pad for my cramps, rotating from my tummy to my back until the cramps subside. My Doctor prescribes me all kinds of pain meds for my cramps. I've tried everything from Motrin 800 mg to Oxycoton 5 mg, but the meds don't even touch my pain; I've got to have my Healing Pad, or I will quickly morph into the Bride of Satan! In fact, my husband and I live 25 minutes from my parents house, and I won't even go for a meal over there without my Healing Pad, just in case!


- Lindsay T



Hi Melody,

Hope you are well. I wanted to report that I can see a noticeable increase in my moms energy level since using your sauna and want to thank you!! :)

Also it convinced my husband to get one for us as well.

Can I order another 360 portable sauna but to the Mars hill, North Carolina location? Does it have the ozone and essential oil diffuser upgrade yet?

Thank you again!
Kamila F



Dear Melody and Robby,


I have been using the Small and Medium Healing Pad for six months now and absolutely love the FIR Healing Pad. When I heard from you in February that you were coming out with a battery powered Healing Belt, I placed an order with you for one for as soon as they were available.


I have been bed ridden for many years from a rare auto immune disease and your FIR Battery Powered Healing Pad has been a critical part of my Occupational Therapy as I regain strength and a part of life that I have lost. Without this product, I highly doubt that I would have the ability to be where I am today. Gaining even a few hours a day out of bed is a huge accomplishment and I look forward to continue to gain more strength by using your FIR Battery Powered Healing Pad throughout the day.


This product is easy to use, comfortable and has amazed my Doctors and Therapist. Thank you so much for developing this amazing product which has made such a big difference in my life.


Allison, TN



In May of 2018 I was on a weekend trip to the Allegheny Mountains in PA. I dug a tick out of my leg and it was so deep, I pulled it out without the head attached. We own our cabin with 2 other couples so we have lots of family and friends visit. In that part of PA ticks are not uncommon at all. Around 3 weeks later I started getting really unusually tired and exhausted. I didn't feel good at all, tingling in my fingers and toes, cramping in my legs, toes, and fingers, numbness, vision issues, dizziness, chills, bloating, weight gain, stomach pain. I am really healthy and rarely go the doctor, and I am on no meds. I thought; what happened right before all of these issues? I followed the trail to the tick. I went to 5 different places to test my blood. They all said I had to go to my primary doctor. I finally called for an appointment and I was told sense I only saw him one time in 21years I had to come back as a new patient. And he was not taking new patients. He was our families doctor for over 40 years .I then went to the ER for a test. A few days later I had to call and was told it was negative. So I found a test on line where I sent some of my blood, it also was negative.   Now we are in to spending $600 for negative results.   I was researching a lot. I knew it was now up to me, and 2 months have gone by. I started taking some herbal supplements , eating fermented foods, juicing, water fasts, and mainly a plant based diet. I was told about a Doctor that worked with Lyme so I went to him. I was not impressed, I was told I had bartonella. He said I had bartonella lace on my arms, sort of a rash (I could not see it but I did have a tan on my arms)   He advised me to come to his office 30 miles from my home twice a month for drops under my tongue at $60 each time. It was to build my immunities. I was told I did not have Lyme because I lived in Ohio. I informed them I was bit in PA, he said then that I did have Lyme. He said biofilm was made by the body to protect itself. He wanted to put me on high blood pressure medicine also. He informed me I would not beat Lyme just build my immunities. He then said 2 of his employees as well as himself had Bartonella and were still taking drops after 2 years. I left him with $150 bill and never looked back. On my own again!!!! I knew if I went to another doctor with 2 negative tests I would be told I had MS. I kept researching and playing with my now huge box of herbs and supplements. I found Dr. Bergman on YouTube and then to the Extreme Health Academy where I found a wealth of knowledge. I found an integrative center in upper New York State. I felt I had to have a diagnosis. I knew I had something but didn't know for sure what it was. I had to have the proof!!! People give all kinds of advice especially if they are in the medical field.   And I was talked about for not believing the negative tests.   My husband and I took the 9 hour drive in September to the Stram Center ,they took a lot of blood and spent a lot of time asking questions. Now after 2 days I go home and wait over a month for the results. Finally by October I get the results---- Lyme and Anaplasmosis were positive and it was a specific 3-4 month old band, but I was active with Babesia, a parasite and my particular one was called Duncani. It was positive proof it came from a tick. I thank God I saw the tick; I feel so bad for people who don't see one.   I was told I was doing everything wonderfully They only added Vitamin B12 to my regime. I found a good parasite cleanse and took that on my own after I went home. I wanted the parasites out of me!!!   I then found Robby on YouTube in December when I researched far-infrared saunas. He talked to me for over an hour, and was so kind to me. I told him I lost a daughter also, so we talked about loosing a child. I just felt in my gut he was genuine and really wanted to help people. After that I ordered a sauna. I started to back slide a bit with flue like symptoms. My sauna arrived the first part of January 2019. I started slow at 125 degrees for 20 min. I kept bumping the temp and the time. It took me until April to break a sweat. I credit the sauna and the kindness of Robby to take the time out to help a stranger. I now feel great in July of 2020. I sit in the sauna most mornings at 150/160 degrees for 30. I also added the light kit to my sauna to upgrade it. I have done a lot of research on red light therapy and know how important it is for us .I love that I get that at the same time as the sauna. I will soon bump up to 170 degrees. I also purchased a bio band and heating pad. I do other things along with the sauna but it would take so long to tell it all.   I love all of the things I got from Therasage!!! I don't go to any doctors, my body is self healing and self regulating if given the right tools. It is so empowering to put health in your own hands.


- Rebecca G



Summary: Best Healing pad in the world! (5 stars for all categories)  


My Husband first purchased a small pad for me a few years ago to see if it would help my chronic pain. It helped so much that I wanted it to cover more of my body than the small pad did, so we purchased the Medium Pad. I noticed that I was able to cut down a bit on my pain medicine with the help of the Medium pad and I really wanted to try to take less pain medicine than I was taking so we made the decision to purchase the Large Pad. It is not expensive at all if you think of it as a Healing Pad, which is exactly what it is and what it does. It was well worth the money. I was able to cut my pain medicine in half. After using the Large healing pad for over a year now I have been able to maintain the lowest amount of pain medicine use since I first developed severe chronic pain.


These products have improved my life. I have Stills disease, fibromyalgia and some other autoimmune diseases and chronic pain issues. We don't travel much, but if we do I take the small and medium pad with us everywhere we go. I cant imagine life without these healing pads.

The company is great to work with and I have recommended the product to my friends and family and will continue to do so.  






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