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It’s fair to say that infrared sauna use is an increasing trend in the health, wellness, and beauty spaces. After all, what’s not to be desired about the idea of losing weight, improving skin tone, and boosting energy — all while sitting and relaxing? Sound too good to be true?


Full spectrum infrared sauna technology offers a range of benefits across many different areas of health, with weight loss being one of those important areas.


Let's take a look at some of your top questions regarding full spectrum infrared sauna use, and how the hottest technology (literally) might help you reach your weight loss goals.


Can full spectrum infrared sauna use actually help me lose weight?


Absolutely!! It helps you lose weight because it simulates exercise. Take, for example, a person who has a sedentary lifestyle due to a cardiac condition, osteoarthritis, respiratory problems, or another chronic illness. Full spectrum infrared rays heat deeper layers of the body at lower temperatures than the warm air associated with traditional saunas, thus provoking a more efficient sweat response. A full spectrum infrared sauna will deliver the cardiovascular requirements the body needs to maintain its internal core temperature (a process known as homeostasis), and is akin to a moderately-paced walk or light jog. Ultimately, if you’re activity levels are hindered by illness, injury, or something else, full spectrum infrared sauna technology could hold the key to helping you lose weight and build cardiovascular health.  


According to Dr. Steven Bock, Infrared sauna use assists in removing toxins from our bodies which in turn creates greater ease to mobilize and remove fat cells. This creates a positive cascade effect making it easier to lose weight overall and increase your metabolism.  


If I lose weight when using an infrared sauna, is it mostly water weight?


You’re going to lose water weight while sweating during an infrared sauna session but that’s not all. By increasing your heart rate and metabolism, you’ll burn calories.


A 2017 study in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology discovered that infrared sauna users maintained an elevated heart rate for about 30 minutes after one sauna session. Furthermore, a study conducted at Binghamptom University in New York discovered that participants who spent an average of 45 minutes in an infrared sauna three times a week reduced their body fat by up to 4% over four months. For the best possible results, consistency was key. The participants who used the sauna regularly were more likely to see a drop in body fat.


Can an infrared sauna serve as a replacement for a healthy diet and exercise?


Keep in mind, Incorporating full spectrum infrared sauna sessions into your weight loss program isn’t a substitute for a healthy diet.


As already mentioned, an infrared sauna session can mimic the positive effects of exercise like burning calories, improved circulation, and a rush of pain and stress-busting endorphins. According to Dr. Oz, on a segment with Oprah, he explained that an infrared sauna can increase your metabolism to the point where you will burn hundreds of calories without making any physical effort, estimated to be as high as 600 calories in a thirty-minute session from your increased heart rate. (Of course, individual results will vary from person to person.)  


What suggestions can you give me to begin using infrared sauna as part of my weight loss strategy?


If you’re looking to kickstart your weight loss program and improve your health with infrared sauna technology, here are a few recommendations before you get going:


  • Get hydrated. Drink 8-10 ounces of water before you get in the sauna to avoid dehydration.
  • Have your sweat session in the morning. The best time of day would be as early in the day as possible before you eat a meal. The near frequencies of a full spectrum infrared sauna activate ATP in the mitochondria, and you're going to benefit from enhanced energy production and calorie burn throughout the day.
  • Begin slowly. If you’ve never used an infrared sauna before or you have a chronic illness, start with 10-15 minutes. If you tolerate that length of time well, gradually increase time and temperature.
  • Wear whatever is comfortable. Some people prefer to wrap a towel around them or wear a robe. Other people like to wear a bathing suit or nothing at all. The choice is yours, so do what makes you feel most comfortable.
  • Replenish fluids after your session. You’ll have worked up a sweat, especially as the amount of time you stay in the sauna increases, so be sure to consume plenty of water after you’re finished.


The Takeaway?


Full spectrum saunas can be a useful tool to simulate exercise and help you lose weight. Plus, you’ll experience additional benefits like improved mood, increased circulation, and better energy, and the best natural detox!



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