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Gemstone technology has been used for thousands of years and is a powerful way to provide your body with negative ions, restored energy fields, grounding benefits, and generally promote healing in the body. They also promote love, safety, and the feeling of peace.  


We’ve been using Gemstones in our products for years, so including four different stones in our new TheraPro PEMF multi-therapy device was a no-brainer. You’ll also find them in our calming healing pads and weighted blanket, favorites for pain relief, calming, and sleep.


But WHY is Gemstone technology one of our core healing modalities?


Because negative ions, grounding, and restored energy fields are a BIG deal, and if you can achieve those naturally, why NOT?!


They have powerful and far-reaching benefits to the mind and body.


With the stresses of life, getting farther from nature, spending more time on devices, being bombarded with harmful EMFs and radiation, constant toxic overload, and everything out there stealing our energy, voltage, and life force…


Using natural gemstones to provide healing properties to the body with no limit on use means we can mimic the benefits of nature while working, watching tv, sleeping, and just doing what we do.


Who can benefit from Gemstone Technology?


Gemstones can benefit anyone suffering from chronic pain or illness or seeking to improve their health. Gemstone technology is natural, non-invasive, and safe, with no side effects.


Benefits of Gemstone Therapy


  • - Gemstone therapy use has been shown to improve:
  • - Chronic pain

  • - Fatigue

  • - Joint pain

  • - Insomnia

  • - Hypertension

  • - Anxiety and stress

  • - Mood

But the benefits go far beyond this.


It’s a powerful natural healing modality, but its benefits are amplified with other healing technology.


Let’s talk about Negative Ions


They are a BIG deal.


Abundant in nature (trees, ground, water, etc.), they are molecules or atoms that have gained extra-negatively-charged electrons, which help protect you from the damage of free radicals.


They have been shown to improve mood, reduce stress, relax the body, increase serotonin production, increase immune cell activity, boost energy, improve sleep, and much more.


Negative ions released from the gemstones can also support the body by assisting with detoxification. Negative ions can attract harmful positive ions and remove them from the environment and body.


Heated Gemstones emit far infrared rays


Far infrared technology emitted from the gemstones can penetrate four to six inches below the surface level of the skin, boosting circulation in the surrounding muscles and tissue and providing more oxygen to the body. Better blood flow and improved oxygenation encourage accelerated healing and can decrease stiffness and pain.


When heated gemstones are placed against the skin, pressure points are activated, and the body relaxes. This is similar to a hot stone session at a spa.


Why energy fields are important


An energy field is an area of energy produced by an individual living being. The human body is an energy system, and a unique field surrounds every human being.


An imbalance in the body obstructs energy flow and can result in illness or negative feelings. Energy healing ensures that the energy flow within your body moves freely and unobstructed.


You can activate and repair your energy field through energy healing modalities, improving your health and resilience.


4 Gemstones with different properties


Each gemstone in our TheraPro PEMF multi-therapeutic device was carefully chosen for its healing properties:


  • Amethyst:  Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz and is said to have the power of a “third eye,” or a source of power and wisdom. Ancient Greeks used it to ward off intoxication and maintain a balanced mind, Egyptians preferred it to protect themselves from harm, and Early Christians used amethyst for wound healing and immune support. We included amethyst in the TheraPro for its benefits in reducing pain, improving endocrine function, and promoting a sense of calm.

  • Natural Jade Stone: Jade is a durable green, white, or yellow mineral highly regarded in Traditional Chinese Medicine for protection, peace, and serenity. Spanish conquistadors called jade the “kidney stone” because they believed it dissolved pain in the kidneys, among other organs. Jade can provide benefits of grounding, aid in detoxification, support the immune system, and maintain the health of the eyes and nervous system.

  • Natural Black Tourmaline: Tourmaline is associated with increased vitality, energy, and a calm mind. It encourages love, calms negative emotions, and creates a sense of peace. Known as a revitalizing stone, it is electrical and can help recharge the body when heated, making it a perfect choice for our healing mat.

  • Paramagnetic earth materials: Paramagnetic materials, such as the soil in your garden, aren’t magnetic but are mildly attracted by a magnet. This means they energetically align with the earth’s magnetic field and can accept Earth’s powerful and healing energy. Paramagnetic materials share this energy with your body as you lay on the mat, protecting the body from harmful electromagnetic fields and exposing you to negative ions.

This combination of gemstone technology is a powerful tool for calming the nervous system, improving sleep quality, restoring energy, and reducing chronic inflammation.


In conclusion, adding Gemstones to your life is a powerful way to boost your overall health.


Our TheraPro PEMF multi-therapeutic device combines Gemstones with PEMF, red light, far infrared, TENS, and more to provide the best healing tool on the market. It’s the ONLY device in the world that combines these powerful healing modalities into one for even more benefits.


Also, check out our TheraComfort weighted blanket and Instant Calmer Infrared Heating Pads for more ways to bring Gemstones into your life!


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