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Therasage CSO Robby Besner and Dr. Paula Strait discuss Brain Health with Infrared!!

Dear friends of Therasage,

Happy New Year!

This Saturday, January 20th, at 11:00 am EST, our dear friend Dr. Lee Cowden will be hosting the inaugural webinar of the ACIM. In it, our own Robby Besner will be speaking with Dr. Paula Strait on the use of infrared technology for neuro-regeneration.

During the course of this highly informative and unique presentation, Robby and Dr. Strait will be exploring together the fascinating science of phototherapy. In particular, they will consider the profound influence of infrared light at the cellular level, concerning both structure and function. Their goal is to show how more conventional methods of intervention can be complemented by various applications of infrared therapy.

Don’t miss this exciting and informative event!

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