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Back to School Bundle: Your Ultimate Academic Companion
Save more than 20% with our Back to School Bundle!


The Bundle includes:

1. TheraComfort Weighted Blanket


An innovative approach to sleep and relaxation. Instead of harmful beads, the TheraComfort is filled with gemstones renowned for their therapeutic properties, wrapped within a 600-thread count washable bamboo duvet.


  - Feel secure in bed, especially after a long day of new experiences.
  -  Protects from electronic interferences common in schools and dorm rooms with its EMF shielding.

2. TheraComfort Weighted Eye Pillow:


This isn’t just an eye pillow. It's a tool to enhance sleep and relaxation, promoting melatonin production.


  - A great companion for naps to ensure waking up refreshed and ready to learn.
  - Soothe eyes tired after long hours of screen time.

3. TheraH2O Water Pitcher:


The TheraH2O isn’t just about hydration. It’s about pure, energized, vitalized hydration.


  - Ensure that the water you drink, whether in school or at home, is free from contaminants.

4. TheraO3 Personal Ozone Module:


A holistic approach to wellness. Perfect for detoxifying, strengthening the immune system, and promoting overall vitality.


  - Schools are bustling with germs. The TheraO3 can sanitize play and study spaces, ensuring a healthier environment.

Prepare for the academic year ahead with our Back to School Bundle. Whether it's their first day in kindergarten or their final year in college, equip them with tools for success.


Priced at $325, down from $411.

Can not be combined with other offers or discounts.

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