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CellCore BioSciences - Light Activated Nutrition

The science behind CellCore isn’t simple, but the results are: We make supplements that work. Our BioActive Carbon molecules are engineered to the point where clay and charcoal binders have been rendered obsolete. With the ability to both bind and restore, BioActive Carbons function differently and more completely than traditional binders.

We’ve produced active carbon, hydrogen, and molecular oxygen molecules that carry enormous energetic potential and enhance virtually everything to which they bond. BioActive Carbon complexes increase retention, absorption, and utilization of nutrients in food, vitamins, minerals, and other supplements. This higher concentration of active carbons extends the time for which the carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen remain viable in the body.

BioActive Carbons can drive and protect the herbs and nutrients in CellCore supplements through the gastric acid, allowing absorption of nutrients in the right place at the proper PH. The fact that BioActive Carbons are comprised of nanoparticles means that they are able to deliver as designed at the cellular level.

BioActive Carbon compounds:

  • increase retention, absorption, and utilization of all the nutrients in food, vitamins, minerals, and our supplements.
  • function at a nanoparticle level, allowing them to work at the cellular level--far beyond the gut
  • contain the building blocks of life -- they repair where other binders cannot.
  • are a true chelator, binding and removing a myriad of toxins from the body.
  • are high-energy hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen molecules and include poly-dispersed polyanions
  • High-quality electrolytes are essential to proper cellular function. There is no better source for these than our BioActive Carbons.

All of our supplements are formulated and produced by our team of scientists at the CellCore Biosciences lab.

Carbon Technology is a key component in our supplements to help protect the integrity of ingredients and drive them to where they need to go in the body while adding natural detox support.

CellCore BioSciences - Light Activated Nutrition

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