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The Natural Sun Technology

For centuries, scientists have understood that plants are dependent on sunlight. Almost a century ago, Albert Einstein and other modern scientists recognized the important effects of sunlight on the Earth’s atmosphere and human life. Today, we know from work at NASA and other renowned institutions that energy from the sun’s rays control vital processes for human health and well-being.

Therasage Therafusion Infrared Heat TechnologyHealth publications such as the Journal of American Medical Association and the New England Journal of Medicine affirm that energy from the sun helps support the production of sugars, fats, and proteins. Thermal energy also serves to stimulate the endocrine system enzyme activates various brain functions, and our metabolic processes including the production of Vitamin "D".

In sum, the sun’s energy is essential to maintaining our daily overall health and well-being.

Research shows Benefits of Infrared Therapy

Research over more than 60 years of studies on the heath effects of Far Infrared Heat on the human body indicates that therapeutic products enhanced with Far Infrared heat can benefit almost any one. Whether it be in hospital neonatal units or in NASA space shuttles, positive effects of Far Infrared Heat lasts up to 50% longer than other traditional heat formats and with less energy needs.

Health Benefits of Infrared Heat Therapy

Infrared Heat Therapy for Pain Management

The health and wellness benefits of Far Infrared heat therapy are documented and extensive. By heating up one's body with deep penetrating heat, blood circulation is improved. Therasage's infrared heating pads, enhanced with Therafusion™, the exclusive Far Infrared Heat production technology available only in Therasage's heating pads, and incorporating natural jade stone as a fundamental element of this technology.

Please look around our Infrared Informational resources and learn about how Infrared Therapy can benefit you and your loved ones today!

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