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Dr Steven Bock, LLMD - An overview of

Lyme disease & general insight & tips.


They discuss:

Dr Steven Bocks’s Career

What has changed in the world of “Lyme” and what hasn’t

Integrative Medicine & Treating a Lyme Patient -

Testing for Lyme and co-infections

Dr. Scott Richmond shares tips and thoughts on

the effects of Lyme disease and Mold


They discuss:

Parasites, Heavy Metals, and Detoxing

The role of dental health

Heal and reset your (autonomic) nervous system

Unresolved trauma and emotions

Dr Nathan Bryan and the

Importance of Nitric Oxide


They discuss:

What is Nitric Oxide and How it works

Why you need Nitric Oxide

How to add Nitric Oxide into your life

Hyperbarics, IV Ozone, and activating your immune system

Getting a Leg up on Your Health Using Reflexology

with Gaby Piccirilli


They discuss:

Gaby’s personal health journey to foot reflexology
Choosing the right reflexology stones
Set the tone for your healing space
Foot reflexology exercises for those who are bedbound or physically limited

Dr. Jaban Moore

Shares Lyme Insights


They discuss:

Asking “Why?” and getting to the root cause of chronic illness

Finding the right steps and what to address first

Co-infections, Toxins, and Trauma

The Value of Hope

Dr. Joel Rosen Delivers

The Ins & Outs on Adrenal Fatigue


They discuss:

Adrenal Fatigue

Stress and the demand for energy versus what you are able to produce

Ways to get back on track

Minimize your stimuli

Dr. Jay Davidson Explains

The Proper Way to Sequence Your Approach to Lyme


They discuss:

Binders and Detoxing

Tips for patients who are the sickest of the sick

Killing the bugs versus creating the right terrain in your body

Drainage versus Detox

Dr. Marlene Siegel DVM discusses

Lyme disease with pets and animals


They discuss:

The risk factors and transmission of Lyme from ticks

Symptoms of Lyme in Cats and Dogs

Testing for Lyme

Inflammation in animals

Dr. Michelle Perro offers helpful hints for

Pediatric Lyme Disease


They discuss:

Challenges and Symptoms children face with Lyme disease

Listening to your Child

Emotional Health of your Child

Finding the right doctor to work with

Barry Smeltzer, MPAS, PA-C discusses

Lyme in the Family


They discuss:

Is it Lyme or something else preventing you from getting better?

The effects of stress on infections

Education and the family dynamic

Sweating, movement, and detox

Angi and Arlynd Fletcher Share

Tools to Rise Above Life Challenges


They discuss:
Personal growth and perseverance skills

How to Thrive not just survive

Dive deep into the art of positive thinking

Share emotions and life revelations as you journey with Angi and Arlynd

Getting to the Heart of Lyme with

Top Lyme Cardiologist, Dr. Lowell Gerber


They discuss:

Dr. Gerber’s personal experience with Lyme disease

Toxic emotions & stress and their effects on the heart

Lowering your toxic burden & how to do that

The benefits of ocean water, phosphatidylcholine, and restoring your cell membranes

The Nutraceuticals and CBD Approach to Lyme

with Matt Storey


They discuss:
Herbal Antibiotics


Managing Cortisol

Endocannabinoid System Regulation

Darin Olien Unpacks
The Fundamentals of Good Health


They discuss:

Finding ways to help your health and the world
The Systems approach to creating health
Learning to decipher information & taking ownership of your health
Emotional blocks affecting your health

Chronic Illness and Diving into the Root Cause
And the Road to Recovery with Dr. Allan Lindsley


They discuss:
Can You Live with Lyme or Are You Just Existing?
Mitochondria & Stress
Dementia, Alzheimer's, and Lyme Disease
Bacteria, Parasites, Glyphosates, and Mold Secreting Toxins

Julie Parker Discusses Uniting the Family

and Organizing a Successful Support Group


They discuss:

Work together to build a strong team at home Communication is key - Learn how to sharpen those skills

Can Lyme be transferred to a newborn in utero?

Julie Parker helps us unravel the Lyme family dynamic

Dr. Mitch Ghen talks about

IV therapy to jump start your health


They discuss:
A Deep Dive on IV therapy

Dr. Ghen’s go-to for Lyme Disease

Herxing Help

You can get better

Jaclyn Willms Gets you on the Road to

Recovery with Movement


They discuss:
The Value of Movement

Simple ways to get your body moving again

Get inspired and motivated to take that first step

Unpack the true mind-body journey

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