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About TheraDesign™

Emu Oil has been shown to reduce the depth and length of fine lines & wrinkles in many studies as well being moisturizing and a natural skin softener. It has been proven to be the fastest and most penetrating oil into the skin, as well as a trans - dermal carrier for any other added therapeutic ingredients or skin care.

Emu Oil is gentle for all skin types, non-toxic & natural, non-comedogenic (does not clog pores) and hypo-allergenic (non-irritating) so its great for people with sensitive skin and allergies. Emu Oil is effective in its anti-inflammatory properties, and has been found to give a similar effect as prescriptions medication. Its been compared to medication such as ibuprofen, except without the negative side-effects frequently common with traditional prescription or corticosteroid based anti-inflammatory medications.

The same energy that is given off by the sun is given off by our bodies, every day. What TheraDesign technology does is harnesses this bio-energy in the form of heat.

A special light energized Jade and bio-ceramic powder (the formulation of which is a trade secret) is layered in between the fabric on the polypropylene. This jade and ceramic powder reflects released energy back into the body in the form of energy. The energy warms up the area of the body, increasing circulation and releasing toxins.

The combination of this technology in a polypropylene material both warms and insulates the body, providing maximum benefits; you can feel confident that microcirculation is improving, toxins are being flushed, fresh nutrients and oxygen are reaching the cellular level, and pain is relieved.

Why Use TheraDesign™ ?

Bio-Energy Functions:

The fabric has thermal effect and increases circulation of blood capillaries, releases toxins and promotes pain relief.

Negative Ions Functions:The fabric produces negative ions, eliminates body's unpleasant odor and keeps your body clean and comfortable.

How TheraDesign™ Products Work?

By impregnating natural and man-made fibers with ceramic/jade-insulating power, new fabrics have been developed by TheraDesign. 

TheraDesign developed various types of wraps which are designed for use on those parts of the body which may suffer from aches, sprains, or other soft tissue injuries.These specially designed therapy clothes help accelerate the body's own natural healing process. When worn during exercise they help increase sweating, remove lactic acid, dissolve uric acid crystals and breakdown stored fats and toxins.

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