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Investor Information

Wellness Products of America, Inc. is a privately held, company organized under the laws of the State of Florida, operating under the trade name of THERASAGE. It maintains a home office at 21000 Boca Rio Road, Suite A-21-C, Boca Raton, Florida 33433. Wellness Products of America, Inc. is an international distribution company specializing in far infrared heat (“FIR”) technology and negative ion (“NI”) technology. THERASAGE’s products, manufactured by vendors and suppliers, are currently produced by others (primarily in the People’s Republic of China), shipped as ordered, and then distributed primarily on a wholesale basis. These products include such items as healing pads, healing belts, saunas, office chairs, clothing, and joint protection bands, bandages, and relief cream. THERASAGE™ distributes these products under its own name as well as through affiliates.

THERASAGE™ is not actively seeking investors through this website; however, offers of capital infusion or similar investments can always be entertained by contacting robby@therasage.com.